October 2019 News

At the last two meetings, Bro Craig Logan and Bro. Bobby Allison P.M. both won £20 but failed to Find The Joker. Our prize fund grows and now stands at £600. Tickets, costing £1, will be available at our next Regular Meeting.

On 10th October, we hold an E.A. Degree, to be conferred by Bro. John MacDonald W.S.W. On 24th September, we change our syllabus, our friends from Lodge Carron 139 visit to confer the F.C. Degree. On 18th September, we travel to Lodge Saint Conval Giffnock 1359, when Bro. David Cairns P.M. will confer the F.C. Degree.

Congratulations to Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. and W. Bro. Ronnie Bowes, who celebrate birthdays this month and to Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. and his wife Margaret on their wedding anniversary.



September 2019 News

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