Welcome to Lodge Barns O'Clyde 1018

To be installed as Master of this revered old Lodge is indeed an honour and a privilege. I would like to thank the Past Masters and brethren for their faith and confidence in electing me to this office and I will do my utmost to repay that faith shown in me by carrying out my duties to the best of my ability.
I would like to thank my Installing Masters Bro. Kenneth J.P. Currie P.M. and Bro. Andrew J. Clark P.M. for the very sincere and dignified manner in which they carried out the ceremony.
We at Barns o’ Clyde were delighted that Deputations from both the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire attended our installation.
I look forward to welcoming visiting brethren into lodge Barns o’ Clyde and can assure you that the heart and hand of Brotherhood will be extended to you.




Next Regular Meeting

November 2020 News

Sadly, our country remains severly restricted due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The Lodge is in the same positionas others, in that we remain closed.

October 2020 News

With the Covid 19 virus still curtailing our normal lives, we remain closed this month. We express our good wishes to all our members, other Brethren and all families and hope you remain well at this terrible time.

Congratulations to Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. and W. Bro. Ronnie Bowes, who celebrate birthdays this months and to Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. and his wife Margaret on their wedding anniversary.



September 2020 News

Another month is on us and we remain, as does every Lodge, in "lockdown". We hope all are well and, like us, are desparate to get back to normality. We should have been hosting Lodge Cochno and witnessing our Master, Bro. John Macdonald confer this month.

Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. is presenting a talk on Zoom to the Masters & Past Masters Sssociation of Dunbartonshire on 19th September.

Congratulations to Bro. Colin Lawrie and Colin McPherson, who celebrate birthdays this month.