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Canada was the last thing mentioned in this history in the previous decade, and it is the first thing mentioned in the 80s. At our Regular Meeting on 24th January 1980, Bro. John Anderson, Master welcomed the visitors, noting in particular Bro. G. Smith P.M. Hope Lodge No. 114, Canada, who was visiting. On that evening, Bro. Jim Gardiner J.D. conferred his first ever Degree, an E.A. Degree on three Candidates, James Stewart Mackenzie, George Sutherland Reilly and William McDougall. The first named, Bro. Mackenzie, aged 21, was the 4,000th Initiate of the Lodge. Hope Lodge was to feature two years later in 1018 history. Two months later, Bro. Gardiner conferred his second ever Degree, another E.A. Degree on four Candidates, Craig Scott McPhee, Roderick Alister McPhee, Gary William McMurtrie (son of Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M.) and Norman Leitch Jamieson. Present that night was Bro. Palmer, Lodge Clyde Whyalla, Australia.

In May, Bro. Anderson, Master led a Deputation to Lodge St. Vincent, Sandyford No. 553, where Bro. Tony Morgan W.S.W. conferred the F.C. Degree.

24th April 1980 was the date when Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. conferred the M.M. Degree on his son, Gary and his best friend, Norman Jamieson, a rare happening in any Lodge.

The early 1980s were a crucial time in our Lodge's history. For years the Barns had rented the old Burgh Band Hall, and ceremonial work had to be carefully timed to avoid being drowned out by the noise of trains rushing past on the railway line which was only feet away from the building. Our attendances had dropped and drastic action was called for. The members of the Lodge made the brave decision to move and purchase our own new Temple. The Brethren examined the Lodge Roll book, and went round every member we could find, irrespective of how long it had been since they had attended. The members were told of the plan to open a new Temple and that their return would be instrumental to the success of the venture. Many of the Brethren we had canvassed did return, although in the ensuing years some drifted away again. Sadly, many did not return, they had become used to not going to their meetings. Donations were asked for inside each house and, a few pounds at a time, our Building Fund swelled.

Plans were being laid to for the Barns trip to Hope Lodge No. 114 in Canada. It was anticipated we would manage to travel within the year, allowing members time to save for flights and spending money.

In anticipation of our new premises, Lodge Moorpark No. 1263 donated several items of furniture. This gesture was to lead to many years of inter visiting and conferring Degrees for each other.

Bro. McMurtrie P.M. reported to the General Committee in January 1981 that the bank had agreed the loan subject to Planning Permission and that the chosen builder had submitted the price for the building and land clearance. He, Bro. Johnstone P.M. and Bro. Gribben P.M., as Treasurer and Secretary, had also had a positive meeting with the Brewers.

The Lodge made our first overseas trip when we went to Hope Lodge No. 114 in the Peterborough district of Toronto. The Brethren left Clydebank on 1st May 1981. Three Degrees were exemplified over four nights. Bro. Boyd Scott J.D. conferred an exemplification of the E.A. Degree on 4th May. Bro. A. Morgan, Master conferred an exemplification of the F.C. Degree on 5th May and Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. conferred an exemplification of the M.M. Degree on 7th May. On their return, the Master, Bro. Morgan had a special Minute of the journey inserted into the Minute Book so that this journey would be remembered for all time.

In June, the Lodge forged ahead with the behind the scenes work, Bro. McMurtrie P.M. organising work parties from the members of the Lodge. Eventually, after months of negotiations, a Lease on the ground was offered by the District Council. By September 1981, we had raised £717 in donations and profit from a bus run had realised a further £136. A list of 15 items necessary for furnishing the Temple was put up and any Brother wishing to donate.

The last Meeting held in the Band Hall was our A.G.M., attended by 48 Brethren.

After so long planning the adventurous move, the Lodge moved a few yards down the road to the newly built Temple at 112 Second Avenue. The first sod ceremoniously cut by our oldest living P.M., Bro. Danny West on Sunday 21st June 1981. Regretfully, Bro. West P.M. passed to the G.L. above in October, not living to see the Temple completed.

The hall was a kit form bungalow which had the internal walls moved around to suit our needs. Much of the planning was done by Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M., an H.S.B.C. Inspector by profession, and much of the graft was done by the members themselves. Wood for the bar area was donated, a parquet floor was laid in the main hall at a cost of £200. Bro. W. Ian M. Smith R.W.P.G.M. laid the Foundation Stone in the North East corner of the building on Saturday 14th November 1981.

The parquet flooring was laid just a couple of weeks before the planned consecration, which needed sanding and varnishing. Being October, the nights were long and dark... and the electricity had not yet been connected to the building. Most of the volunteer brethren worked during the day, and came to assist at the new Lodge in the evening. Ever innovative, headlights were “borrowed” from a Morris Marina owned by Brother Neil Walker and were hooked up to a spare car battery to provide lighting. Latterly a small portable generator was borrowed and a motorised sander supplemented the “hand-work” Three coats of varnish were added by headlamp-light, and we had to wait until the weekend to see the finished work by the light of day

The Lodge was then opened by Bro. Tony Morgan, Master. 127 Brethren attended on that historic day, including a large Deputation of visiting Brethren, led by Bro. I. Anderson, Master Lodge Panmure No. 299, and a large Deputation from the P.G.L. of Dunbartonshire, headed by Bro. W.I.M. Smith, R.W.P.G.M.

The first Regular Meeting in our new Temple was on 26th November 1981. 74 Brethren attended when Bro. Jim Gardiner S.D., conferred the E.A. Degree on three Candidates, Peter Wilson MacDougall, James Divers and Donald Charles Spiers. Among the visiting Brethren who complimented 1018 on our new Temple and the standard of the Degree work were Bro. J. Millson, Master of Lodge The Royal Stuart No. 1414 and Bro. T. Scrimshire P.M. Lodge St. John Dalmuir No. 543.

In 1981, our Installing Masters had a harder than usual task. On 3rd December, Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. installed Bro. William McLean into the Chair with Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. installing his Office Bearers. The previous week, the roles had been reversed when Bro. Johnstone P.M. installed Bro. Des Nichol as Master of Lodge Panmure No. 299 with Bro. Currie P.M. installing Bro. Nichol's Office Bearers.

Bro. John McIlroy P.M. was installed as Provincial Grand Senior Warden. Bro. McIlroy had been installed as Master on 11 December 1965.

Keen to maintain our new building to the standard we had achieved in building it, a Halls Committee was formed in January 1982 with various tradesmen in charge of teams to look after the respective needs of the Temple. Bro. Boyd Scott was charged with the electrical maintenance team, Bro. Bob Howie looked after the joinery work team and Bro. Norman Jarvis was there to co-ordinate any plumbing work needed. These Brethren all reported to Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M.

On 5th February, the Lodge held a "Guest Night" to thank those Brethren who had worked so hard and given of their time to accomplish our wonderful new Temple. On 27th March, the R.W.P.G.M. Bro. W.I.M. Smith led a Deputation into the Lodge to perform the Ceremony of Re-Dedication, celebrating our 75th anniversary, conducted by Bro. Rev. Mitchell and our own Bro. Rev. Colin Campbell.

An unusual Initiation ceremony took place on 13th May 1982. On that evening father and son Gordon James Ward and Graham Gordon Ward became members of 1018, the Degree being conferred by Lodge Cochno No. 1304.

The highlight, and certainly the busiest part of Bro. William McLean's year as Master began on Sunday 12th September 1982. The Barns travelled to Prestwick Airport to welcome to our shores our friends from Port Hope in Canada. That evening, we held our Annual Divine Service, after which we had tea and sandwiches. The following evening, at a Special Meeting, a large Deputation from Hope Lodge No. 114, Port Hope, Ontario led by W.M. Bro. Ronald Rose were welcomed into the Lodge and presented individually by their Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Lloyd Austen P.M. Thereafter, we were treated to a wonderful Exemplification of the E.A. Degree. On Tuesday 14th another Special Meeting was held where members of the Deputation performed an exemplification of the F.C. Degree. Two days later, on Thursday 16th the Deputation was again welcomed then performed an Exemplification of the M.M. Degree. Among those who sang the praises of the work of the Canadian Brethren was Bro. Newton Miller Stewart I.P.P.G.M. Bro. McLean, Master, thanked Bro. Rose, W.M. for accepting our invitation to travel to Scotland and work so hard, doing three Degrees in four days. It was noted with regret that Bro. George Smith of Hope Lodge, who had begun the connection could not manage this trip but it was hoped we meet again in future. Bro. Rose W.M. thanked Bro. McLean and presented a cheque for £100.00 to be used as the Lodge saw fit. The Canadians week among us ended with a dance in the Lodge on the Saturday evening.

Among the letters read on 12th January 1984 was an intimation from Saint John's Lodge of Lichfield No. 1039 E.C. that an affiliate member of their Lodge, Bro. John Fisher, originally a member of 1018 was celebrating his 91st birthday and 70 years in Freemasonry. Bro. Fisher, Roll number 794, was initiated on 9th April 1914. Later that month, on the 26th, Bro. Jim Gardiner, Master paid tribute to the memory of Bro. Albert Hamilton P.M., who had passed away.

1018 held a Lodge of Sorrow on Sunday 3rd June 1984 to remember the lives and service given to the Lodge of the following Brethren, Robert Burnett P.M., Albert Hamilton P.M., Daniel Lambie P.M., Alistair Tivendale P.M. and Daniel West P.M.

Another long serving member of the Lodge, Bro. John McAulay McKay was presented with his 50 year Jubilee Certificate on 14th June 1984.

Many Brethren fondly remember our visits to Lodge Panmure No. 299 in Arbroath, which started in 1953. The most talked about trip comes from the mid 1980s, when we made to return home after a wonderful day, sharing a meal, conferring a Degree and spending a couple of hours in Harmony, only to find the bus wouldn't start. Ever resourceful, the 299 Brethren took us back to the Hall, re-opened the bar and made stovies to keep us going. Many Barns men were taken to the homes of the Panmure Brethren and spare beds given to us. Others waited in the Hall while car loads of sleeping bags and blankets were ferried in. When the bus was ready to go some hours later, we left singing the praises of our northern Brethren.

In 1984, the Lodge held an informal Lecture evening. Eric Talbot, Professor of Archaeology at Glasgow University and a friend of the Master, Bro. Gardiner gave a fascinating talk, illustrated by slides, on the Masons Marks around Dunbartonshire.

During the term of Bro. Boyd Scott R.W.M., an invitation from Barns member Bro. Maurice Anderson P.M., who had been Master of Lodge Concord No. 134, Rotterdam, was read to the Lodge. Lodge Concord prides itself on being the only English speaking Lodge under the Grand Lodge of the Netherlands and uses the English emulation ritual. We were invited to visit on 23rd March 1985 and confer an exemplification of the M.M. Degree as worked by the Barns. Bro. John Morrow provided a bus and a large number of Brethren travelled by road and ferry for the sum of £35.00. A huge number of Brethren attended to witness Bro. Ken Currie P.M. confer the Degree, with Bro. A. Johnstone P.M. obligating the stand in candidate. The Lodge holds its meetings in the magnificent Masonic Building at Oostmaaslaan 950, Rotterdam, easily spotted by a giant square and compasses with sit on the roof. A beautiful Delft plate, a momento of that visit sits in our museum. We stayed in the homes of the members of Lodge Concord and those of us who were there still talk of the hospitality given by our Dutch Brethren.

In 1985, at our Regular Meeting of 25th April, Bro. Angus N. MacInnes R.W.P.G.M. was made an Honorary Member by Bro. Scott, Master. On that same evening, Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. presented Bro. William Tivendale P.M. with his Distinguished Service Diploma. In July, Bro. Johnstone P.M., on behalf of the Lodge travelled to the Masonic Homes, Dunblane to present Bro. Robert Gibb Blair his Distinguished Service Diploma.

The year ended with a note of sadness with the sudden death of Bro. William Tivendale P.M. and Depute Provincial Grand Master. Bro. Tivendale had a distinguished Masonic career, being an accomplished Degree worker and reaching the Chair of his Mother Lodge in 1953 and being Charter Master of The Lodge Strathclyde No. 1626; as well as reaching high Provincial rank. During the Second World War, he had reached the rank of Lt. Colonel, serving with the French Resistance and earning the M.B.E., D.S.O. and being awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French.

In 1986, the hard working Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M., took on another job. He was appointed P.G. Lodge Treasurer and served with distinction for four years.

Recognition of a long and dedicated service to their Mother Lodge came in 1986 to two long serving members of the Lodge. Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. was made Honorary Grand Architect, following an announcement at Grand Lodge on 28th November 1985; and Bro. Willie Macdonald, Tyler from 1953 to1994, was made Honorary Provincial Grand Tyler. At our Regular Meeting on 13th March 1986, both Brethren were presented with their Jewels and Diplomas by Bro. Scott, Master and Bro. MacInnes R.W.P.G.M.

Our Installation on 11th December 1986 was unique. Although Masters had served in the past for more than one year, the Barns had never had to ask a Past Master to take the Chair for a second time. Poorer attendances and fewer Brethren taking progressive Office meant that 1018 would be forced to break tradition. On that date, Bro. James Allen Gribben P.M. was installed by Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. and Alexander Johnstone P.M. Early in his term of Office another unfortunate evening occured when the Degree for the evening of 8th January 1987 was called off because the E.A. waiting to be passed a F.C. had been injured while on duty with the Prison Service.

In that year, Bro. John McIlroy P.M., Master in 1966, reached the rank of P.G.L. Senior Warden. Bro. McIlroy had been initiated in 1956 and was known as a very capable Degree worker for the Lodge.

To thank the Ladies of the Lodge for the tremendous support they had given us in the years before and after our new Temple had been built, 1018 held a "Ladies Night", where entertainment and a buffet was laid on for our wives and partners. Another happy moment in Bro. Gribben's year was on 28th May 1987. As Master, he made the announcement that, following an appeal for donations to reduce the debt on our premises, 61 members had contributed the magnificent sum of £2518. Our total loan on the building was now down to £1243 and he was confident that would be cleared in his year.

A far travelled visitor to the Barns arrived at our Meeting on 27th August 1987. The visitor was Bro. George Miller P.M., roll no. 2497, initiated in March 1943 had emigrated to New Zealand in 1947, affiliated to Lodge Takapuna No. 202 and became Master thereof. He was awarded his Jubilee Certificate in 1993, having served Masonry for 50 years.

Bro. Gribben's year ended on another memorable note. 1018 had, earlier in the year, been contacted by a Bro. Crisp, who was about be Installed as Worshipful Master of Lodge Colindale No. 3056 in London. Bro. Crisp's grandfather was a member of the Barns and he had asked if we would send a representative to his Installation. Bro. Gribben, Master had the Secretary Bro. Gardiner P.M. correspond with Bro. Crisp to seek invitations for a Deputation. Several Barns men travelled down and had a wonderful day in the company of our English Brethren. On 22nd October, R.W.M. Bro. Gribben told his own Meeting how the trip had gone and showed off a stunning inscribed decanter and glass presented to the Lodge by Bro. Crisp W.M.

On 14th January 1988, we welcomed another new Lodge, Craigends No. 1042 to the Barns to confer the F.C. Degree on one candidate, Bro. John Barr Turner. Our new Master, Bro. Fraser Watt initiated the connection, having a personal friend in 1042, Bro. Bill Fleming. The Deputation was headed by their Master, Bro. James Campbell Crawford.

In this year,we also visited Lodge Oatlands No. 1005 to confer the E.A. Degree.

In this year, the Lodge made another bold decision. Although we owned a beautiful Temple, the ground it was built on was owned by the District Council and was leased on a 99 year term. It was felt we could better secure our future if we owned the land. Our initial approach was rejected. The Lodge spent the year renewing the lighting, installing ventilation and redecorating the Hall. All the efforts were made by our Brethren, donating their time and services.

On 28th July 1988, we began adding a July Meeting to our syllabus. Bro. Stuart Clanachan, Chaplain conferred the E.A. Degree on Duncan Thomson in front of 70 Brethren. These Summer Meetings, held when most Lodges are in recess, have proved to be very popular, and continue to this day. We usually have our largest attendance of the year, out-with Installations.

The 3rd December 1988 saw another piece of 1018 history created at another Lodge. Barns o'Clyde Bro. William S.B. Ferguson, who had previously affilliated to Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405, was Installed as Master there. Appropriately, the reply to the toast to the visitors was given by Bro. Fraser Watt, R.W.M. of 1018.

On 9th December 1988, for the second time, a Past Master took the Chair of the Lodge. Bro. David Cosh P.M., who had been Master in December 1973, was again installed as R.W.M. by Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. On 8th June 1989, Bro. Cosh R.W.M. was pleased to welcome a long standing personal friend into the Lodge, Bro. Ernest Paterson, P.M. Lodge St. Johns No. 196 Londonderry and Melrose Lodge No. 612 Belfast. Sadly, in 1989, the Lodge lost Bro. Rev. Colin Campbell, a man who had served the Lodge as Chaplain from 1948 - 1977, a remarkable 30 years.

In 1989, we began another long standing relationship when Lodge Carron No. 139 visited and conferred the E.A. Degree at our Summer Meeting. 99 Brethren witnessed a splendid Degree.


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