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On 1st September 1970, we used the Co-Operative Halls by permission of the P.G.M. to host the Robertson Fellowcraft Team from Ohio. They were headed by Bro. Scott, Lodge Forfar Kilwinning No. 90. An astonishing 205 Brethren attended, including Deputations and representatives from Lodges Partick St. Mary's No. 117, St. George No. 333, St. John Dalmuir No. 543, Kelvin Partick No. 1207, Clydebank No. 1234, St. Patrick No. 1309, Riddrie No. 1340 and Heatheryknowe No. 1461. P.G.L. was represented by a Deputation headed by Bro. James Bain P.G.M.D., due to the illness of Bro. Anderson R.W.P.G.M. The assembled Brethren witnessed an exemplification of the M.M. Degree as practised under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Bro. Jimmy Binnie R.W.M. and stand in candidate Bro. George Parlane Bridges were presented with Masonic Bibles by the American Brethren. At the Harmony that followed, Bro. Binnie presented an inscribed Masonic plaque to Bro. Scott. A member of that visiting team was Bro. George Coburn Montgomery, roll no. 3056, an initiate of Lodge Barns o'Clyde. The team went on to confer in Lodge Plantation No. 581, Lodge St. Thomas No. 306, Lodge Glasgow No. 441, Lodge St Mark's No. 102, Lodge St. George No. 190 and Lodge Trafalgar No. 223 during their "tour".

In December 1970, having just been Installed, Bro. Roy Muir R.W.M. held a short Memorial Service in honour of the recently departed Bro. John Grieve McGregor P.M.D.M. Happier events in January and February 1971 were the presentation of 50 year Diplomas to Bros. Daniel MacLean Fulton, accepted on his behalf; Bro. Fulton had emigrated to America, and Albert Edward Lusignia. In June, Bro. James Burnett Walker was presented with his 50 year Diploma.

To the football fan the date 2nd January 1971 is etched in the mind. On that fateful day the Ibrox Disaster took place, when 66 souls lost their lives when Stairway 13 collapsed crushing men and children and one 18 year old girl. Among the dead was a 32 year old Master Mason of 1018, Bro. John Gardiner.

On 28th January 1971, Bro. Alex Leach I.G. conferred the First Degree on five gentlemen, John Mudie Anderson, John Fitzpatrick, Alexander Robb and father and son William Chalmers Kelly and William Crawford Kelly. The first two named went on to become Masters of the Lodge, Bro. Anderson in 1979 - 80 and Bro. Fitzpatrick in 1978 - 79. Bro. Fitzpatrick later emigrated to Australia.

On 6th June 1971, the Lodge held a Lodge of Sorrow to the memory of the late Bros. George Baillie P.M., Adam Heaton P.M., George Hill P.M., Archibald Hood P.M., John Hood P.M. and John McGregor P.M. A large number of Brethren and visiting Brethren attended, many of whom had travelled a distance. P.G.L. was represented by a number of Brethren, the Deputation headed by Bro. Newton M. Stewart R.W.P.G.S.M.

In September 1971, Bro. Alexander Henry, a M.M. of 1018, visited us from his new home in America. After being welcomed, Bro. Henry presented a plaque to 1018, a gift from his son who was Master of Lodge Mount Mariah No. 8 in Rhode Island.

1971 was the year we received Lodge Grange No. 1073 from Monifieth. On 11th September, their Master, Bro. William Fenwick headed a Deputation and conferred the F.C. Degree on three E.A. Freemasons.

Bro. Bill McMurtrie, Master in 1972 was made Hon. P.G. Senior Warden. In January we paid a visit to Lodge Loch Lomond No. 1483 to confer a M.M. Degree. In April that year, the Lodge paid tribute to Bro. Robert Kiddie for all his service to 1018. Bro. Peddie had served the Lodge for many years taking care of the refreshments for guests after Meetings. On May 11th our Minute Book reads "It was with deep regret the Master, Bro W. McMurtrie intimated the death of Bro. Wm. Reid P.P.G.M. of Dumbarton, P.M. Lodge Clydebank No. 1234 and Master Mason of Lodge Barns o'Clyde." On 9th December 1972, the Lodge paid tribute to Bro. Harold Tait Butchart P.M., P.P.G.S.W. who had passed away. In September, the Lodge agreed to a complete overhaul of the Master's chain. Involving a re-design with the addition of a second row of links, this cost £117.17. On 5th December 1972 1018 held the first ever Installation Dinner, this was two days after the Installation and our new Master Bro. Thomas T. Allan presiding. The P.S.G.M. Bro. B.J. McNeill replying to our toasts to Grand Lodge and the P.G.L., Bro. D. McLean, Master Lodge Leven St. John No. 170 proposed the toast to the Barns. A Harmony followed then a collection was uplifted for the Masonic Homes.

Bro. David Wallace Bean, who was initiated in February 1920, and who had received Grand Rank, being made Grand Bard, passed away on 15th December 1972 in the Royal Scottish Masonic Homes at Dunblane.

Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. was invited to propose the toast to Lodge Prince Of Wales No. 426 at their Annual Dinner, in December 1972.

A Deputation from Lodges Prince of Wales No. 426 and Inchinnan No. 1405, headed by Bro. John Hutchison, Master of 426 was introduced to the Lodge on 28th December 1972. Bro. Hutchinson, who was initiated into 1018 in 1952, was congratulated on achieving his high office, the first affiliate of Prince of Wales to be made Master, by Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. Bro. Hutchison thanked Bro. Tommy Allan, Master for his welcome, Bro. Johnstone P.M. for his kind words and introduced Bro. James Robertson, Master of 1405. Bro. Allan's eventful year then included a visit from Bro. Parker Atkins P.M. Lodge Mississippi No. 127 at the following Meeting.

In 1973, the General Committee renewed their efforts to find new premises. Local builders were contacted in an attempt to find a suitable design and a suitable price. Plans were drawn up and submitted to the Town Planning sub committee.

In March, Bro. Jimmy Binnie P.M. gave a report on his visit to Lodge Panmure No. 299 to represent 1018 at 299's 150th Anniversary. He advised the Master and Brethren that Barns P.M. Bro. Frank Swanson and the only 1018 member who was an Honorary Member of Panmure had replied to the toast to the visitors.

In May a Distinguished Service Diploma was issued to Bro. Alexander Waterson to mark his 59 years as a member of the Barns. The Brethren warmly congratulated Bro. Waterson.

New Masonic associations commenced in this year too. We visited and received Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426, a tradition that would last for many years, and also travelled to Lodge St Stephen No. 746 (Portsoy).

Towards the end of 1973, the General Committee were able to put proposals to the Lodge regarding the new Temple. The ground, at the junction of Second Avenue and Green Street was available for rent at the sum of £600 per annum. The Temple would cost in the region of £49,000, of which £40,000 would be in the form of a loan.

Bro. David Cosh, having been installed as Master on 6th December 1973, held the second Installation Dinner two days later. A special welcome was given to Bro. Henry M.M. of 1018 and Honorary Member of Lodge Mount Mariah No. 8 back home on holiday, who brought with him Bros. Frank Long P.M. No. 8, Ross Long P.M. No. 8, Robert Stewart and Frank McLelland, both of Lodge Unity No. 34 Rhode Island.

Early in 1974, the Lodge was informed that St. James Church might be coming up for sale and it was agreed to look into this. Lodge Officials met with representatives of the brewers to seek information on loans but the terms were beyond our means, in that we would have to guarantee the loan. Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. prepared a letter to be sent to all members requesting any donation to augment the fund to build our new home, in the same way that the first Temple was created some 50 years previously. Some months later, the Brewers contacted the Lodge Officials and informed them that no more loans were being issued for the time being.

On 14th February 1974 Mr. William Cross McLean became our 4,000th Initiate. Less than eight years later, Bro. McLean became our 56th Master on 3rd December 1981.

Saturday 5th October saw the Lodge visit Lodge Kyle Kildrum No. 1602 in Cumbernauld and confer the M.M. Degree. In that same month, Bros Alexander Johnstone P.M. Treasurer, Donald Lawrie W.J.W. and John Fitzpatrick met with representatives of Ushers Brewers to discuss finance. In that same month, we heard with regret of the death of Bro. G. Abbott P.M. Lodge Clydebank No. 1234 and a member of 1018. The Barns also hosted Lodge Dumbarton Kilwinning No. 18 on 10th October, when Bro. W. Bain P.M. No. 18 conferred the Degree.

Bro. Alex Leach became the 50th Master of the Barns when he was installed on 5th December 1974.

In 1975, Lodge Clyde Whyalla No. 224 was granted a Charter from the Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory and allowed to work "the Scottish ritual". Lodge Clyde Whyalla was constituted and consecrated on Saturday, 13th December 1975. The Grand Master, M.W. Bro. the Hon. Mr. Justice Zelling, conducted the Ceremony, and was assisted by the D.G.M., R.W. Bro. W.B. Allan and Grand Lodge Officers. There were 53 Foundation Members, of whom 31 had been initiated in Scotland, 18 were members of other Lodges in Whyalla, one from England and two from Queensland. Up to 1982, 72 candidates had been initiated and 30 had joined or affiliated; of these 18 were from Scotland. This information is in the history of the Barns because among the Lodge Founder Members were ex pat 1018 members, Bros. John Brodie, Thomas Morton and Rankin Kennedy McCrone and the "Clyde" part of the name was taken from "Barns o' Clyde". Bro. Brodie, initiated into 1018 on 22nd September 1955 was the first I.G. of the new Lodge and served as D.o.C. for many years before his passing in 1993. Bro. Morton, initiated into 1018 on 15th November 1943, was the first W.S.W. of the new Lodge and passed away in 1981. Bro. McCrone was initiated into the Barns 24th September 1959. Bros. Brodie and Morton became Masters of Lodge Clyde Whyalla. Sadly, the Lodge went into darkness on 24th February 1999, although many members joined neighbouring Lodge Whyalla Lewis No. 160.

In his term as Master, Bro. Donald Lawrie received an invitation to attend the Installation of Barns member Maurice Anderson, who had affiliated to and was about to become Master of Lodge Concord No. 134, Rotterdam. While this was not possible, we did visit the Lodge in 1985.

Barns member Bro. Harold W.D. Banks, initiated in 1963, had affiliated to and was Installed as Master of The Watsonian Lodge No. 1375 by Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. 1018. Bro. Banks, in his year, invited Bro. Ken Currie R.W.M. to head a Deputation to travel through and confer the Mark Ceremonial in Edinburgh. The Watsonian Lodge later merged with Lodge Dunedin No.1316 on 8th November 2002 and took the name Lodge Dunedin Caritas No.1316.

1018 had a welcome visitor on 23rd February 1978, when Bro. Maurice Anderson I.P.M. Lodge Concord, Rotterdam came to the Burgh Band Hall and witnessed Bro. Robert Livingstone P.M. confer the M.M. Degree on two F.C. Freemasons. Bro. Jim Gribben, Master warmly welcomed Bro. Anderson I.P.M. On 14th October 1978, Bro. Gribben headed a large Deputation for our regular trip to Lodge Panmure No. 299 when Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. conferred the M.M. Degree and 299 had conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M.

Some months into the tenure of Bro. John Fitzpatrick as Master the Committee met to discuss the need for our new Temple. We had tried several times to find the money we required but had met with no success. The desire for our own premises had never lessened. Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. had brought new enthusiasm to the quest and again the Brethren decided to renew our efforts, while Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. deserves credit for his years as Treasurer under very trying circumstances.

Throughout the 1970's, our number of Candidates fell. For years many of our new members had come from the Singer factory and this had been drastically downsized, causing the drop. In June 1980, Singer closed it doors forever, the distinctive building, with the largest clock face in the world, would soon be demolished.

At the last Committee Meeting of 1979, Bro. Johnstone P.M. and Bro. Albert Hamilton P.M., returning from a holiday to Canada mentioned that they has visited several Lodges and met Canadian Brethren who had insisted the Barns men stay in touch. This initial contact was to lead to great things.


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