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December 1949 was when the first meeting of the committee which oversaw the formation of the "1018 Wembley Club" was held, the purpose being the acquisition of tickets for and travel arrangements to the Scotland v England games, home and away. Membership was limited to 35 and there was an immediate waiting list. 16 tickets were bought for the first available game, at Hampden Park on 14th April 1950 and were balloted for. P.M. Bro. Johnstone was an active member of that club.

A Commemoration Dinner was held on 28th April 1950 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Lodge moving into our fine premises. R.W.M. William Hamilton presided over 150 Brethren including Bro. William Reid, Provincial Grand Master.

The 1950s witnessed the Barns continue to visit and receive our local sister Lodges, St. John Dalmuir, Clydebank, Cochno and St. Patrick but we also travelled far and wide, with Deputations going as far afield as Lodges Panmure No. 299 (Arbroath), Maryhill No. 510, Western No. 1346 and Thorntree No. 1038 (Prestonpans).

Bro. Thomas Stein, who joined the Lodge in 1916 was awarded the rank of Honorary Grand Tyler in 1950. This was announced, with pride, by the Master Bro. William Copeland on 11th January 1951.Bro. Stein was rewarded for 31 years continuous service as an Office Bearer.

It was in 1950 too, that a new board was made for the names of the Past Masters of the Lodge. The original was full, and rather than commission a second board, a new one with smaller text was ordered.

The following year saw the Lodge launch an appeal for donations to replace the main floor, which still lay damaged from the war damage ten years earlier. Repair after repair had been attempted but in reality, the entire floor needed to be replaced. Within one year, due to the efforts of the Brethren, the magnificent sum of £500 was raised which allowed the work to proceed. The War Damage Commission, a body set up by the British Government under the War Damage Act 1941 to pay compensation for war damage to land and buildings throughout the United Kingdom, advised us finally that after all payments from them, we would be left to fund a little over £512 ourselves. The Master Bro. Copeland expressed his and the Lodge's grateful thanks to Bro. George Hill P.M., Secretary and Bro. John Milroy, Treasurer, who by their efforts had saved the Lodge a sum in the region of £500.

Lodge Clydebank No. 1234 began a period of renting our Halls in 1951 at a rental sum of £2 per Meeting.

New relationships sprung up in the 1950's we received or visited Lodges Leven St. John No. 170, Neptune No. 419, Glasgow No. 441, St. John Whiteinch No. 683, Craigends No. 1042, Spiers of Elderslie No. 1102 and Knightswood No. 1445. An old friendship was rekindled when we invited The Athole Lodge No. 384 on 4th November 1952 to confer the M.M. Degree, the Deputation being headed by Bro. Taig, R.W.M. and Lodge Panmure No. 299 on 23rd May 1953 to confer the M.M. Degree, the Deputation being headed by Bro. Gordon Smith, R.W.M.

The death of Past Master Thomas Hamill was noted with regret in February 1951. 30 years earlier, Bro. Hamill was installed as Master before 300 Brethren.

On 8th February 1951, Mr. John Stewart, a 26 year old engineer, was initiated, becoming the 3,000th Initiate of 1018.

In March 1951, the Lodge was shocked by the death of the wife of the Master, Bro. Willie Copeland, after a lengthy illness. To his credit and with the support of his Brethren, Bro. Copeland continued with his Masonic duties throughout his term.

During the Provincial Grand Lodge Visitation of March 1951, Bro. William Reid, P.G.Master presented Bro. Stein Tyler with a beautiful wrist watch on behalf of the members of 1018, in commemoration of his Honorary Grand Rank and wished him many years continued service. At the same Meeting, P.M. Bros. Milroy, Treasurer and Hill, Secretary were presented with "wireless sets" (radios) in appreciation of their many years service in their Offices.

In that same month brothers Douglas (23), a student and Andrew Dalgliesh (28), a solicitor were initiated with three others by Bro. James Riddell, in his first attempt at floor work, before 75 Brethren.

The following month we were informed of the passing of the Lodge's first Tyler, Bro. Fred Lindsay. Bro. Lindsay was a Founder Member and was originally a member of The Bridgeton and Glasgow Shamrock and Thistle Lodge No. 275. The Lodge was also read a letter sent from Gavel Lodge No. 273 in New Jersey informing us of the passing of Bro. Thomas Partington, who had joined 1018 in 1912.

More sad news was intimated in May 1951, when the Master Bro. Copeland extended the sympathy of all members to Bro. Wylie, who lost a son, killed in action while serving in Korea. In the same month, three members of the Lodge emigrated to start life in "foreign lands". We said a fond farewell to Bros. Yuill, Scott and George Dale.

The last month of the first year of the new decade saw two more blood brothers being initiated together. Arthur (32), an engineer and Malcolm McGillivrey (23), a coppersmith were given their First Degree with three others by Bro. Alexander Johnstone S.D.

At the end of his term as Master, Bro. Copeland was presented, not with a Past Master's jewel but with a gold watch, as well as his apron and case. At a previous Committee Meeting, it had been decided, in the 1018 way, that the outgoing Master be gifted a P.M.'s Jewel. Bro. Copeland had requested instead an inscribed watch and his wish was granted.

328 Brethren watched Bro. John Ewing being made Master in December 1951. On 14th February 1952, the Lodge Minute Book has the following entry: "The R.W.M. Bro. Ewing spoke with great feeling about the death of King George VI, not only as our beloved Ruler but as a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and called upon all members to be upstanding and observe 2 minutes silence." A letter was read from Grand Lodge stating that all Lodges would go into a period of mourning for three months.

At the following Meeting, the Lodge was informed of the deaths of Bros. William Heaton, Joseph Hamilton and John Chisholm P.M.

Bro. Ewing, sadly, took ill and was hospitalised and did not return to the Lodge for two months.

On 10 April 1952, father and son Thomas (47), a storeman and Andrew (22), a police officer Kirkland were initiated at the hands of Bro. Albert Moore, Almoner with William Bellingham, Walter Campbell and Mungo Lawrie also receiving their First Degree. 100 Brethren watched Bro. Moore, an experienced degree worker.

Bro. Ernest Petrie left the Lodge for a new life in Australia and was wished well by the Master and Brethren in that same month. Bro. Petrie had joined the Barns in 1941.

Bro. William Moore received his Third Degree on 30th July 1952 aged 71 with four others at the very capable hands of Bro. George Hill P.M. His name is recorded here because his was the longest time in 1018 history between receiving degrees, Bro. Moore was initiated on 9th October 1909 and passed on 23th October 1909, almost 43 years earlier.

Father and sons Duncan McGregor Cameron (60), Duncan Jr (36) and Daniel (23) were initiated on 9th October 1952 with two others by Bro. George Morton before 92 Brethren.

Another father and son joined 1018 on the same evening, 24th November 1952, Archibald (53) and George (26) McCallum, along with Gilbert Tivendale, John Bain and John Hutchison. The Degree was conferred by I.G., Bro. Alastair Tivendale.

On 12th February 1953, a happy event occurred when the Lodge presented Bro. William Neil a gift of a wallet with money to mark his 31 years as Lodge Steward. On 13th August Bro. Hill P.M.D.M., on behalf of the Lodge presented Bro. William Tivendale R.W.M. with a beautiful inscribed Mallet to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Bro. Tivendale thanked the Brethren and assured them he "would treasure it for all time."

Another two brothers were initiated together in February 1954, when Robert (22), a book-keeper and William (29), a miller, Gilmour received their First Degree at the hands of Bro. Robert Burnett.

On 27th May 1954, three members who had worked tirelessly for the Lodge were rewarded with Distinguished Service Diplomas from Grand Lodge. These Brethren were Bros. John Gardner, Tommy Porteus P.M. and George Hill P.M. The Diploma of Bro. Hill P.M. sits today in our Committee Room walls.

On 24th June that same year saw R.W.M. Bro. Jimmy Cassells welcome a Deputation from the Scottish Masonic Compass Club, Trenton, New Jersey led by Bro. Archie Cullen P.M. Fraternal Lodge No. 129, Trenton. 23 Brethren, all wearing Royal Stewart tartan were piped into the hall and a total of 20 of them assisted in the Exemplification of the M.M. Degree. After the Degree, a member of the Deputation, Bro. John Stewart, initiated into 1018 in 1916, presented his Mother Lodge with a beautiful Bible for use in Lodge Ceremonial. An astonishing 570 Brethren attended that Saturday afternoon, including a large Deputation from the P.G.L. of Dunbartonshire, headed by the R.W.P.G.M. Bro. Peter Shearer.

In 1954 too, we forged a new relationship when we read an invitation from Bro. Rev. William D. Drysdale, Master of Lodge Inchinnan 1405, who invited us to confer the F.C. Degree on 17th September. The invitation was reciprocated and Lodge Inchinnan returned to the Barns on 25th November to confer the M.M. Degree on five F.C. Freemasons, 95 Brethren attending.

Socially in the 1950s the Lodge did well and dances in the hall were a regular feature. A night out a little further afield took place when 300 seats were booked for the Metropole Theatre in Glasgow on 3rd December 1954.

Our Master of 1941 - 42, Bro. Tommy Porteus P.M. was made Senior Warden of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire in 1955.

In 1955, on 4th November, our Master Bro. Alexander Johnstone was introduced to the Master of our newest visiting Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426. The visiting Master was Bro. Alexander Johnston. The Mark Ceremonial was then conferred on 43 candidates in front of 133 Brethren.

In April 1956, Bro. McAulay P.M. Lodge Cochno No. 1304 conferred the E.A. Degree on five candidates, John Blue, Alfred Burns and brothers Samuel, John and Frederick Todd in front of 94 Brethren.

Bro. Alexander (Alastair) Tivendale was R.W.M. in our 50th year. The state of our building was cause for concern, when while decorating the walls, dry rot was found. On 9th February of that year a Meeting was held at which we were honoured to have three Founder Members present, Bros. George Fairservice, Stewart McGregor and Samuel Main. The Brethren warmly welcomed the three original members of the Lodge. After the Meeting, at which 91 Brethren had attended, a Dinner and Harmony were held to mark our 50 years.

A Special meeting was held on 25th June 1957. The Lodge were honoured by a visit from the P.G.M. Bro. H. Blair and Bro. Buchan, Grand Secretary. Thereafter The Masonic Kilties of Trenton, a Deputation of 25 American Freemasons of Scottish descent, headed by Bro. Andrew Hammill P.P.G.M. of Trenton, New Jersey, were piped into the Lodge. An exemplification of the M.M. Degree was conferred to the delight of the 265 Brethren present. We have, in 2011, again been in touch with Members of "The Masonic Kilties" and as they continue to tour the world to perform Degree work, initial plans have been laid to have them return to 1018 when they next tour Scotland.

In September 1957, two more brothers joined the Lodge, Robert (21) and Peter (22) McPhail. They were initiated with Edward Kennedy, Cameron McDougall and Robert Ronald by Bro. Harold Craig W.S.W.

The Barns were contacted in February 1958 by Peterborough Lodge No. 155 in Canada, advising us that it was their intention to honour a Past Master of 1018, Bro. William Anderson, who had been installed in November 1919 and subsequently emigrated. The Meritorious Gold Medal was issued for Bro. Anderson's 50 year service to the Craft.

John, 46, and Neil Meikleham, 51, joined the Barns together and were initiated in October 1958 with Richard Aitken, James Bell and George Waugh by Bro. Daniel Lambie before 98 Brethren.

The last year of that decade saw 1018 welcome Lodge St. Mary Coltness No. 31 and in May of that year, their Master Bro. David Lindsay conferred the M.M. Degree on five candidates, 101 members having signed the Book.

The annual Children's Outing changed in the 1950s too, when buses were hired and away days to Ardrossan replaced the days at Auchentoshan.

Income from lets throughout the decade helped the Lodge finances and hall upkeep with the O.E.S. No. 73 and O.E.S. No. 220, the Order of the Amaranth, the White Shrine, Lodge Clydebank No. 1234, The Barns Royal Arch No. 403, the Cryptic Council and Ark Mariners, the Preceptory of Kilpatrick, the Male Voice Choir (revived and under the leadership of Bro. R. McKeig), the No. 7 Club and the Highlanders Association all renting our premises.

In the latter years of the 1950s, Bros. William Tivendale P.M. and Alexander Johnstone P.M. worked together to revise our ritual work. Over the last few years, the work veered from its original script and each senior P.M. varied the ritual by the odd different slant, word or phrase. Barns Degrees were known as a "Butchart Degree", a "Porteus Degree" and so on. After the rewriting, our ritual reverted to standardised form and, to this day, the Charges spoken today are the work of Bro. Johnstone P.M. from this period of revision.


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