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On 28th January, at our Regular Meeting, we welcomed a far travelled visitor, Bro. Iain Rodgers, Lodge Star In The East No. 640, Yokohama, Japan, who congratulated Bro. David Cairns P.M. on a fine Exemplification of the F.C. Degree.

The Lodge was informed of the passing of P.M. Bro. Tony Morgan on 25th February 2010. In March, we were contacted by the family of the late Bro. John McGregor P.M. and arrangements were made for the Lodge to receive back his Masonic items including his Past Master's Jewel. In December, the Barns lost Bro. Jimmy Binnie P.M.

Bro. Ward, Master, led a small Deputation to Lodge Ellangowan No. 716, one of our sponsor Lodges and presented that Lodge with a gift on the occasion of their 125th Annivesary. On 14th October the Lodge paid tribute to the late Bro. W.I.M. Smith, P. P.G.M. of Dunbartonshire. Bro. Smith was the P.G.M. when our new Temple was consecrated.

On 15th November, Bro. Bill Bannerman was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Kelvin Partick No. 1207. Bro. Bannerman, who joined the Barns in 1952 has spent many years attending several Lodges each week.

The tradition of pride in our Ceremonial and a willingness to work hard continues to this day, and as recently as 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2010, when the Lodge undertook the task of working three Degrees in three Lodges on three consecutive nights, Bro. Freddie McKelvie P.M. carrying out a M.M. Degree in Lodge St. John Dalmuir No. 543, Bro. Grant McGeachie P.M. working an E.A. Degree at Lodge St. George No. 333 and Bro. McGeachie P.M. ably assisted by Bro. Derek Smith P.M. and Bro. Ian Wilson conferring the E.A. Degree in our own Lodge - our first "Instruction Class" Degree in many years, but one which we hope will encourage new floor workers.

In 2011, our Invitations to confer for other Lodges included Lodges Carron No. 139, Leven St. John No. 170, Union No. 332, Kelvin Partick No. 1207, Clydebank No. 1234, Cochno No. 1304 and St. Patrick No. 1309.

After the Minute of the Meeting of 24th March, Bro. Ward, Master, caused a special addition to be added. This Meeting fell almost exactly 60 years after the terrible events of the Clydebank Blitz. The words written outlined the events of that terrible time.

A wonderful piece of 1018 history was created on the night of 28th April 2011. At our Regular Meeting, before the Degree, Bro. Henry Jolly, a member of Lodge Clydebank No. 1234 affiliated to the Barns. The Affiliation Obligation was conferred by Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M., a mere 95 years young.

The following month saw a letter received from Bro. Craig Michie, I.P.M. of Remembrance Lodge 586, Toronto, inviting 1018 to visit and confer three exemplifications the following year. The invitation was greeted with enthusiasm.

Bro. Bill Bannerman was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Partick St. Mary No. 117 on 4th May 2011, a reward for many years attendance as a valued visitor.

In May, P.M. Bro Bruce from St. Andrews Lodge No. 661, Ontario spoke after the ritual and congratulated the Barns on a splendid evening’s ceremonial work. Bro. Bruce P.M. presented several items for the Lodge museum relating to his membership of Canadian Lodges.

On 24th July, the Lodge lost Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M., after a long illness. A tribute was paid in the Lodge to this fine Barns o’Clyde Past Master, who was so instrumental in the building of our Temple. Our next Meeting, held four days later, saw Bro. Thomas K. Leckenby, P.G.M. attend with a Deputation which included Bro. John S. Brockie, P.G.M. of Perthshire West to pay tribute to Bro. McMurtrie P.M. On that occasion, these Brethren saw Bro. Ken Currie P.M. confer a M.M. Degree.

A tremendous honour was paid to Bro. Rev. Mark Johnstone, Initiated into the Lodge in 1998, when he was invited to preach to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at Crathie in August 2011. Following the service, Bro. Rev. Johnstone was invited to a garden party hosted by H.R.H. Prince Charles. Rarely can a Brother of any Lodge have been invited to speak before a reigning monarch and our Lodge takes a tremendous pride over this.

On 27th October, Bro. Tom Leckenby R.W.P.G.M. accompanied Bro. Graham Ward, Master, as he presented Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. with a certificate to honour his 70 years in the Craft. The Lodge gifted Bro. Johnstone a wall mounted television to enhance his room in Erskine Hospital, where he now resided.

On 5th November 2011, around twenty members visited St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 (I.C.) to see the Installation of Bro. Brian Wilson. At that meeting, Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M., on behalf of the Barns was presented with a Grand Lodge of Ireland Welfare Jewel. At the previous year's Installation, the members of 1018 who attended had contributed funds to purchase this splendid medal, the proceeds from the sale of which go to benevolence through the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The Jewel was presented in open Lodge by the M.W. Grand Master, Bro. George Dunlop. The Jewel now has a special place in our museum. At the same Meeting, Bro. McKelvie, Master presented a Barns o'Clyde War apron donated by Bro. Roddy Lawrie P.M. to Bro. Dunlop M.W.G.M. to be displayed in the Grand Lodge of Ireland museum in Dublin.

January 2012 opened with the news that Barns initiate Bill Ferguson, who had affiliated to and become Master of Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405, had passed away after a long illness.

More news arrived regarding our proposed Canadian visit and it was suggested by the Canadian Brethren that we visit York Lodge No. 156, Niagara Lodge No. 2 or Ibrox Lodge No. 470 and Remembrance Lodge No. 586 to confer an E.A., a F.C. and a M.M. Exemplification.

Our Director of Ceremonies Bro. David Cosh P.M. lost his battle with leukaemia on 24th March 2012. Bro. Cosh was a faithful servant to the Lodge for many years and had been Master twice, in 1973-4 and 1988-9. At our first Meeting in April, Bro. Freddie McKelvie, Master, gave a eulogy to Bro. Cosh, P.M.

On Sunday 24th June, the Barns held a Lodge of Sorrow, the first since 1993. The Masonic careers and passing of Past Masters Roy Muir, Jim Gribben, John McIlroy, Tommy Cochrane, John McKay, Hector McKenzie, Jimmy Binnie, Tony Morgan, Bill McMurtrie and David Cosh were commemorated.

On 26th April, the Barns hosted Lodge Ancient Stirling No. 30 for the first time. R.W.M. John Gwynne headed a large Deputation and a Degree team from that Lodge conferred an Exemplification of the F.C. Degree. At that same Meeting, Bro. Bill Bannerman was presented with a certificate to mark his 60 years as a member of the Lodge.

Although Lodge Cochno had conferred many fine Degrees for 1018, their visit to us on 10th May 2012 was special. Degree worker Bro. Alex Eadie P.M. remarked with pride that the Master of Cochno, Bro. Alan Deans, who headed the Deputation, had been proposed into Freemasonry by Bro. Eadie and seconded by Bro. McKelvie, Master of 1018, then a member of 1304. He also told the Brethren that W. Bro. Brian Wilson, Master of St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 (I.C.) who headed a Deputation that same evening and spoke on behalf of the visitors, had also been proposed into the Craft by Bro. Eadie P.M.

Our Summer Meeting of 2012 attracted 114 Brethren, our largest attendance for 10 years (outwith our re-dedication service). Bro. Freddie McKelvie, Master welcomed ten reigning Masters and a P.G.L. Deputation of 11, headed by R.W.P.G.M. John McCormack and including the P.G.M. of Ayrshire, Bro. Archibald Chalmers and P.P.G.M. of Glasgow, Bro. William Cowell Sheperdson. At the Meeting, Bro. Freddie McKelvie, Master and Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M., who had conferred an exemplification of the M.M. Degree that evening, were informed by W.M. Brian Wilson of St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 (I.C.) that they were to be made Honorary members for services rendered over the last four years to that Lodge, the first Scottish Brethren and the first non military personnel to be given such an honour.

In August, the Lodge was presented with a Founder Members Life Membership and Chartered Member's Diploma belonging to Bro. Hugh Morrison, dated 14th March 1907. Bro. Morrison had affiliated from Lodge St. John Dalmuir No. 543.

Honorary Membership was conferred in September too, on Bro. Sammy McGeachie when he attended Lodge Kelvin Partick No. 1207, when that Lodge recognised his many years of visiting there. Bro. McGeachie joined 1018 in May 1964.

In September, Bro. Freddie McKelvie R.W.M. and Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. informed the Barns that, at their monthly visit to St. Patrick’s Lodge No. 295 I.C., they had both been made Honorary Members of that Lodge for services to St. Pats over the last five years. This was a tremendous honour because this was the first time since being formed in 1758 Honorary Membership had been conferred out-with the Irish Constitution and to non military personnel.

That same month witnessed a wonderful social evening at 1018. The Lodge organised a tribute evening to the long and distinguished career of Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. and held “An Evening with Alex Johnstone”, where our senior Past Master held the guests spellbound with witty stories of his upbringing in Clydebank, his military service in the Second World War, his Masonic career and his beloved Rangers. All who attended said it was a night they will never forget.

October saw the Barns travel to Canada where a wonderful week of friendship and Freemasonry saw Bro. Graham Ward P.M. confer an E.A, Degree, Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. confer a F.C. Degree and Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. confer a M.M. Degree within a matter of days to very complimentary Canadian Brethren. There is more of this trip in our "Canada" section.

On 25th October 2012 we placed a fitting tribute in our Lodge rooms to our fallen Brethren of the terrible conflicts of the last century. A wood mounted brass plaque was made and unveiled by Bro. McKelvie, Master and Bro. Bill Bannerman, veteran of the Royal Navy during the Second World War at a Ceremony involving the P.G.L. of Dunbartonshire and attended by 38 Brethren.

In November that year, Bro. McKelvie, Master had the pleasant duty of presenting Bro. Robert Livingstone P.M. with his Jubilee Certificate to celebrate 50 years as a member of the Craft. In January 2013, Bro. McKelvie also presented a Jubilee Certificate to Bro. Willie Kelly.

In February 2013, Bro. McKelvie, Master, led to Deputation from the Barns on our first ever visitation to Lodge Sir Michael No. 989; where Bro. David Cairns P.M. conferred a F.C. Degree.

The following month saw the Barns pay Grand Lodge in order that Bro. Edward Lewis, a 1018 member now resident in Canada, could be presented with his 60 year Diploma. Bro. Lewis, then a 19 year old engineer, joined 1018 on 18th April 1953.

Our Meeting of 14th March was informed of the passing of our oldest Past Master, Bro. Alexander Johnstone, Hon. Grand Arch. Bro. Johnstone P.M. had served 1018 with dedication since being admitted on 22nd November 1941. Since first conferring in 1948, Bro. Johnstone had conferred 11 E.A. degrees, 5 F.C. Degrees, 55 M.M. Degrees, 5 M.M.M. Degrees and installed 16 Masters and 6 sets of Office Bearers. We are also aware that Bro. Johnstone conferred many, many times “away from home”. At the next Meeting P.M. Bro. Ken Currie, his nephew, spoke a touching eulogy.

Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No. 217 visited 1018 for the first time and conferred a M.M. Degree, R.W.M. Bro. Gerry Robertson heading a large deputation. In April, the Lodge was gifted two decorative chairs for our Deacons by Bro. John Morrow P.M.

1st May 2013 was a momentous evening for Bro. Sammy McGeachie, who was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Partick St. Mary's No. 117, a remarkable "hat trick" of Honorary Memberships for Bro. McGeachie.

Long serving member, Bro Bill Bannerman was absent from our meeting of 9th May. Instead, he attended a ceremony on the banks of Loch Ewe where he was among ex Royal Naval personnel belatedly honoured with a campaign medal for service in the gruelling Artic convoys in World War II.

In May, the Master Bro. McKelvie and Bro. Jim Gardiner, P.M. visited two Lodges in Spain while on holiday with their wives, Old Tower No. 49 and the Torrevieja Lodge of Installed Masters No. 108, where they had received a warm welcome and an invitation to come back with a deputation to confer exemplifications of our ritual for the Brethren there.

One month later, Bro. Ralph Cockburn, R.W.M. led a Deputation from Lodge St George, Glasgow No. 333, and speaking after his Lodge conferred a splendid F.C. Degree, informed the Barns that he had previously had the pleasure of heading a Deputation into 1018, when Master of Lodge St George, Helensburgh No. 503.

25th July 2013 was a busy evening for Bro. Freddie McKelvie, R.W.M., as he conferred an exemplification of the M.M. Degree and conferred Honorary Membership on R.W.P.G.M. John McCormack and D.P.G.M. James Forrest. At that same Meeting, W. Bro. Ian Nicholson, of St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 I.C. presented a cheque for £500 to 1018 in recognition of the bond between the Lodges. St. Patrick's donate this sum annually to charity and their Lodge felt that, on this occasion, the Barns should receive the money to give to a charity of our choice. It was instantly and unanimously agreed that the sum be given to Bro. McCormack, R.W.P.G.M. for his nominated charity, The Emma Cameron Foundation.

Extensive upgrading to the premises took place during the Summer and new internal doors had replaced our original ones. The Master’s Board was refurbished by Bro. Gordon Higgins and Bro. Bernie Chessell.

In August the Master had a pleasant duty in presenting 50 year Diplomas to Bro. Allan McGregor and to the nephew of Bro. Harold McGregor, who was unable to attend through infirmity.

Three new Lodges received the Barns this year, when we conferred F.C. Degrees at Ancient Stirling No. 30 (Bro. David Cairns P.M.), Cumberland Kilwinning No.217 (Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M.) and Sir Michael No. 989 (Bro. David Cairns P.M.)

On 24th October, Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. had just completed his duties as R.W.M. Master when Bro. McKelvie, Master presented him with a Jubilee Diploma, commemorating his 50 years as a member of the Lodge. At the same Meeting, during the visitation reports, Bro. Andrew Clark reported visiting Hotspur Lodge No. 1626 E.C., Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Bro. Robert Allison was Installed as Master on 12th December 2013 and, after PGL approval, invitations to confer were extended to Lodges Carron No. 139, Cumberland Kilwinning No. 217, Union 332, Doplphin No. 911, Ulster No. 1486 and, to continue our Canadian friendship, Dufferin Lodge, Ontario No. 470.

We were invited to create history when an invitation to Exemplify a M.M. Degree was received from St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 I.C., the first time that Lodge has ever allowed any Lodge to confer since their Charter was granted in June 1758.

In February, the Barns visited Lodge The Royal Stuart No. 1414 for the first time in our history to confer the E.A. Degree. Other invitations received thus far in the year were to Lodges Ancient Stirling No. 30, St. John Dalmuir No. 543, Kelvin Partick No. 1207 and St Patrick No. 1309.

In February, Bros. Kenny Currie P.M., Jim Gardiner P.M., Donald McPherson P.M., Freddie McKelvie I.P.M. and Duncan McLarty attended a very special day in Erskine Hospital. The Rangers Supporters Erskine Appeal (RSEA), a group of Rangers fans dedicated to supporting the home for ex servicemen and women had raised money to provide a sensory perception room to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimers. The room was opened by former Rangers player Harold Davis, a lifelong supporter of Erskine and named after Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. 1018, who had been a resident there in his latter years. Bro. Currie P.M., Bro. Johnstone's nephew, was invited to speak at a very emotional ceremony. We were given a tour of the hospital and chatted to some very fine gentlemen and Brethren. Bro. McKelvie I.P.M. made a fine report at our next Regular Meeting.

On Saturday 1st March, the Lodge undertook the historic journey to Richmond, North Yorkshire, where in the beautiful Temple of Lennox Lodge No. 123 E.C., the temporary home of St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 I.C., 1018 conferred an Exemplification of the M.M. Degree. The Ceremonial was carried out in an excellent manner by Bro. Freddie McKelvie I.P.M., who had been the first 1018 Brother to visit St. Pats, some five and a half years before. A wonderful Festive Board followed and many friendships cemented.

That same month, Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405 intimated their intention to hold a social evening whereby profits from funds raised would be donated to the Sensory Room in Erskine, a fine gesture. Bro. Johnstone P.M., had conferred a M.M. Degree there in 1989.

Bro. David Cairns P.M. had an astonishing piece of luck which resulted in a bit of history we didn't know existed finding its way back to 1018. In a conversation with an employee of the District Council who knew Bro. Cairns to be a Mason, asked which Lodge he belonged to. On hearing it was the Barns, Mr Gary Sartain asked Bro. Cairns if he would like to have the original drawings and plans for our First Temple, which were due to be thrown out in a clearout of Council archives.These were quickly and gratefully accepted and the Lodge now have these in safe keeping. Bro. Andrew Mushet, Lodge Galen No. 1285, kindly arranged for his printing company to have these copied and blown up. They are now framed and on the walls of our Committee room.

In April, we were informed of the passing of Bro. Jim Woods P.M. Lodge Leven St. John No. 170 and an Honorary Member since 1994.

Bro. John McCormack, R.W.P.G.M. led a Deputation into the Barns on 8 May to dedicate new regalia and Lodge furniture. The Ceremony was ably conducted by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Bro Mark Johnstone, a member of 1018 since 1988. Bro. McCormack R.W.P.G.M. and Bro. W. Russell, P.M. Lodge Renfrew County Kilwinning No. 370 both complimented Bro. Sammy McGeachie Jr, on an excellent Degree he conferred the same evening.

At a Meeting the following month, Bro. Walter Graham I.G. gave a report on his visit to Epes Randolph Lodge No. 32 in Tuscon, Arizona.

Our Summer meeting saw the first Candidate of the year, Charlie McWhirter, receive an excellent E.A. Degree from Bro. Daniel Mulherron P.M. Bro. Mulherron was warmly congratulated on his work by R.W.P.G.M. Bro. John McCormack. At the Meeting, regular summer visitors St. Patrick's Lodge presented the Barns with a beautiful engraved trowl as a momento of our groundbreaking visit to confer; and a cheque for £200 to go to a charity of our choice. The money was later donated to PALS, a local childrens' charity which ENABLE Scotland has been running the after school club — which offers a fun, safe and caring environment for young people who have additional support needs — in partnership with the council for the past 15 years.

To raise funds for the entertaining the forthcoming Canadian deputation, Bro. Allison, Master, and his wife ran a "fish supper dance" which was well attended and enjoyed by all. The evening, including a large raffle with many prizes, all donated by the Brethren, raised the handsome sum of £700. At the function, Bro. Donald MacPherson P.M. was congratulated on reaching his 87th birthday.

In August, our Lodge was visited by Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No. 217, the Deputation being led by their Master, Bro. Gerry Robertson. In attendance to witness a fine Degree was Bro. McCormack, R.W.P.G.M., accompanied by Bro. Alistair Henderson R.W.P.G.M. of Glasgow and Bro. James Livingstone R.W.P.G.M. of Renfrewshire West.

Another new Degree worker made his debut when Bro. Walter Graham I.G. conferred the E.A. Degree at The Lodge Strathclyde No. 1626 on 16th September. Bro. Graham followed that by conferring again in 1018 the following week. The Barns visited Lodge Progress No. 873 for the first time that same month when Bro. Grant McGeachie P.M. conferred. Within weeks, we received another invitation to 873 and on this occasion, Bro. Sammy McGeachie Jr conferred.

In October, Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. made a welcome return from his Ayrshire home to confer this years Mark Ceremmonial. After a fine evening's work from Bro. Lawrie, Bro. Allison, Master had the pleasant duty of presenting 50 year Diplomas to Bro. Sammy McGeachie and to Bro. Sammy McGeachie Jr, on behalf of his uncle, Bro. Alex McGeachie, who was unable to attend. Bro. Alex McGeachie was initiated in January 1964 and his brother four months later.

The last two weeks of the month were a busy period as we welcomed our Canadian Brethren and their wives and partners. The party arrived in the early hours of 17th October and that same evening, the brethren joined us on 1018's visit to Lodge Ulster No. 1486. The Glasgow Lodge is the Mother Lodge of the Barns' Master, Bro. Allison, who led a very large Deputation. The next day, we took the party on a day trip to Fort William, stopping also at the Commando Memorial at Spean Bridge. In the afternoon, as the ladies shopped and toured, Dufferin Lodge No. 470 conferred an Exemplification of the F.C. Degree at The Lodge of Fort William No. 43. On the Monday, we went with the Canadians to Lodge Garrowhill No 1413, where they conferred an Exemplification of the E.A. Degree and two days later travelled to our friends at Lodge Carron No. 139 to witness conferred an Exemplification of the F.C. Degree. The following evening, the Barns hosted Dufferin Lodge and sat enthralled at a M.M. Exemplification. At the end of the Degree, Honorary Membership was conferred on three of the Canadian Brethren who had worked tirelessly over the years to build the friendship and organise the trips in both directions. Bro. Freddie McKelvie I.P.M. conferred the honour on R.W.Bro.Keith Macdonald, Bro. Bob Scott and Bro. Bob Niddrie. On the Friday, we hosted the men and women of the travelling party to a karaoke evening with a buffet provided by 1018 members and their partners. On the Sunday, the hard workong Brethren and their ladies flew home. A fuller story will follow in our "Canada" section soon.

Bro. Graham Ward P.M. became the latest R.W.I.M. of the Barns as he placed Bro. Ian Wilson in the Chair of King Solomon in December. Bro. David Cairns  P.M. installed the Office Bearers. Among the many visitors were our regular visitors from St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 I.C. At the dinner which followed, W. Bro. Brian Wilson proposed the toast to the Lodge. Another welcome visitor was Bro. Angus Murray P.M. Lodge Panmure No. 299 and I.P.P.G.M. of Forfarshire.

Two brethren of the Lodge were installed as P.G.L. Office Bearers in January 2015. Bro. Derek Smith became the seventh 1018 Brother to reach the Office of P.G.S.W. while Bro. Grant McGeachie started his P.G.L. career by being installed as a Steward.

In February, the Lodge welcomed Lodge Eaglesham No. 1265 to confer the F.C. Degree, the first time that Lodge had conferred for 1018.

February 2015 also saw Bros. Jim Gardiner P.M., Roddy Lawrie P.M. and Ian Logan, accompanied by Bro. Harry McDonagh P.M. of Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405 visit Arbroath to attend the Annual Installation of Lodge Panmure No. 299. In a ceremony quite different to our own, Bro. Gardiner P.M. was invited by R.W.I.M. Bro Angus Murray to act as Junior Deacon throughout the ceremony until the investing of the new Junior Deacon for 2015. A wonderful harmony followed and after meeting so many old friends, it was decided that the Lodges resume the inter-visitations that had been the highlight of our years. At the same event, Bro. Gardiner P.M. met and talked to Bro. Bob Barraclough P.M. of Lodge St. Skae of Ferryden No. 1252. In the course of writing this history, it was discovered there had been Brethren from 1018 with a connection to the Montrose Lodge but it was only after research by Bro. Barraclough P.M. over the next few days that we learned that six 1018 Brethren, working in Montrose had affiliated to and became Founder Members of that new Lodge in 1921. Our members were Bros. Alexander H. Baird, David Paton, Ebeneezer Mearns, Charles Baird, James West and John Findlay, the first three named becoming the first three Masters of Lodge St. Skae.

Our second Meeting in May 2015 was moved to the Saturday in order to receive a Deputation from St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295 I.C., the first time that Lodge had ever conferred "away from home" and the first time 1018 had a Lodge from the Irish Constitution confer. W.M. Bro. Joe Preece led a small but highly imfluential Deputation into the Barns and there followed a wonderful ceremony, very different to what we usually see in Scotland. Thereafter, a meal and refreshments were served.

The Masonic belief in charity came to the fore this month, too. Following the terrible disaster in Nepal, where a massive earthquake killed more than 8,800 and injured more than 23,000, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people being made homeless, the Lodge actioned an appeal to purchase survival repair kits to enable the locals to try and re-establish themselves in their own villages and towns. These kits cost £35 each and the Lodge set a target of buying 15. Due to an overwhelming response; and within one week; the Barns, with donations from members of Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405, the Radnor Park Bowling Club and a local dentist, raised the magnificent sum of £1,400, enough to buy 40 kits.

A welcome visitor in June 2015 was Bro. Iain Gemmell, Past Master of Lodge St. James Newton-upon-Ayr No. 125, who was welcomed back into 1018 having completed a marathon journey visiting every Lodge in Scotland. This venture took four years, nine months and ten days and comprised travelling 112,000 miles. When the quest began, there were 650 Lodges to visit but, sadly, as a sign of the times, by the journey's end, four Lodges had gone into darkness.

In December, Bro. Andrew James Clark was installed as Master by Bro. Daniel Mulherron R.W.I.M. and Bro Grant McGeachie R.W.I.M. in a ceremony witnessed by 102 brethren. Lodges who visited the Barns that year were Leven St John 170, Cumberland Kilwinning 217, St George 333, Dolphin 911, Saint Conval 1359 and Inchinnan 1405.

On 25th March 2016, Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. was installed as Provincial Grand Lodge Chaplain by the Grand Master Mason, Bro Charles Iain Robert Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont.

Following the diagnosis of our Junior Deacon, Brother John MacDonald, with leukemia, R.W.M. Bro. Andrew Clark set out to fundraise for the Beatson Cancer charity, where Bro. MacDonald was undergoing treatment. The Lodge offered the use of the hall to Bro. Clark, on a Saturday in September, which allowed him to organise a casino charity night. Attended by over 70 Brethren, their wives and partners, friends and family, who "gambled" for play money at blackjack and roulette tables, then danced the night away to a Michael Bublé tribute act. With a magnificent raffle of over 50 donated prizes, the money raised on the evening totalled £1,260. Over the next four weeks, Bro. Clark donned his running gear and shoes and ran the Great North Run and the Great Scottish Half Marathon, clocking respectable times of 1:49 and 1:41. The Lodge also ran a raffle on the bus, on the way to the visitation to Lodge Sons of the Soil, in Aberdeen, adding £500 to the fund. Following the end of the fundraising activity, Bro. Clark, Master, was delighted to hand over a total of £4,197.94 to the Beatson, in December 2016.

History was created on Thursday 8th December 2016, when Bro. Sammy McGeachie Jr. was Installed as Master by his brother, Bro. Grant McGeachie P.M. and named Bro. Sam McGeachie, their father, as his Depute Master, a famiy first in 1018. Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. Installed the Office Bearers. 91 Brethren attended, witnessing an excellent ceremony, followed by a fine dinner, with entertaining speeches from Bro. Jim Forrest R.W.P.G.M Designate and Bro. Alistair Henderson I.P.P.G.M. of Glasgow, the latter a former schoolteacher, who taught the brothers McGeachie.

For the first time in our history, the Barns has a Brother who has achieved an entry in the Guinness World Records. Bro. Fraser Watt P.M., who emigrated to Australia and subsequently lived in New Zealand and the Philippines, became, on 25th December 2016, the man who spent the longest Christmas Day ever, and is on his way to raising an astonishing $Aus 20,000 (approx. £11,715) for UNICEF. Bro. Watt carefully planned a route, where, by travelling on commercial air flights, he established a new World Record for the longest (Christmas) day, without crossing the international dateline, therefore achieving the record within the same calendar and solar day. He wrote, before taking off on the first plane, "All being well I will take-off from Auckland, New Zealand, almost on the stroke of midnight Christmas Eve (Just as Santa is unhitching his reindeer at the North Pole). I will pass through Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles before arriving in Honolulu at 23 minutes to Midnight on Christmas Day, just as Santa is settling back into his armchair after a long day on the sleigh... If successful I will have travelled 31,703 km (19,699 miles, 16,759 nm) on commercial aircraft in a single day, (a world record in its own right), but more importantly, by midnight I will have stretched Christmas day to 47 Hours: The Longest Christmas Day. To his credit, Bro. Watt, a frequent flyer because of his work, used his own accumulated "air miles" to fund the attempt. More from Fraser, "There are always people who love the stats ...so here they are: Christmas Day: 47 Hours: Hours in the air on Christmas Day: 39 Hrs 35 Minutes: Actual distance travelled on Christmas Day: 33, 029 km (20, 523 miles)"

In February 2017, Bros Jim Gardiner P.M. and Alastair Scott P.M., with Bro. Harry McDonagh P.M. of Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405, attended the Installation of Bro. Jim Gill as W.M. of Barnard Lodge No 1230 E.C., where Bro. Gardiner P.M. replied to the toast to the visitors.

Another first was created when Bro. Walter Graham W.J.W. conferred an E.A. Degree at Lodge H.L.I. The Royal Highland Fusiliers No. 1459.

On 9th March, Bro. S. McGeachie Jr, Master presented bros. Bill Bannerman and Jim Rodger with their Diamond Diplomas, rewarding 60 years membership, accompanied by Bro. James T. Kennedy, Substitute Provincial Grand Master. Bros. Bannerman and Rodger, after warm applause from the Brethren, thanked the Lodge.

Two weeks later, Bro. Morrow P.M., Treasurer, advised the Brethren of 1018 that, following enquiries to West Dunbartonshire Council with regards to the Lodge's rateable value, the Barns had been placed on zero rates and the 2016 rates of 35856.30 were being refunded. The Council were investigating our claim for previous years back to 2011 and he would updte the Lodge on the outcome. Bro. S. McGeachie Jr, Master, thanked Bro. J. Morrow P.M. for all his hard work.

On 25th March 2017, Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M., commissioned the previous month by R.W.P.G.M. Bro. Jim Forrest as Provincial Grand Lodge Chaplain, was installed into his new Office by the Grand Master Mason, Bro. Charles I. R. Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont.

After two years planning, the Barns were invited to Worksop Priory Lodge No. 7443 E.C., to exemplify the M.M. Degree. W. Bro. Ron Bowes, of that Lodge, a cousin of Bro. Ian Wilson P.M., had visited 1018 and been impressed by the ritual he witnessed. On Friday, 31st March, sixteen members of the Lodge, along with Bro. Alex Spiers P.M. of Lodge Moorpark No. 1263, journeyed by coach the six hour trip to Nottinghamshire. The evening was spent socialising with the Brethren of our host Lodge. On the Saturday morning, we visited the Lodge, to view the layout and the furnishings. To say we were impressed would be an understatement. The building holds a stunning Temple with, perhaps, the largest carpet 1018 has ever worked on. In the afternoon, the Barns were led in and Bro. Sammy McGeachie Jr., Master, was presented to the W.M. Bro. Adrian Swingler by W. Bro. Bowes, Director of Ceremonies. Thereafter, Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. conferred the Degree on stand-in Candidate Bro. Nicholas M.A. Heawood-Ferriter, with Bro. Ian Wilson P.M. conferring the Obligation. We received a wonderful surprise when two distinguished Brethren, dressed in English Constitution Past Masters regalia were introduced to us. W. Bro. Andy Logan and W. Bro. Alan Logan were two 1018 members who had gone south many years before to live and work. A fabulous Festive Board followed and the 1018 members mixed with our English hosts for several hours.

13th April saw the Lodge advance further into the modern age with the installation of wi-fi in the hall.

Four days later, after conferring an E.A. Degree, Bro. S. McGeachie Jr., Master, received congratulations from Bro. David S. Irving, Depute P.G.M. and W. Bro. Ray Borland of St. Andrew's Lodge 661, St. Catherine's, Ontario. Bro. McGeachie, accompanied by Bro. Irving, presented Bros. Kenny Currie P.M. and Ian Wilson P.M. with their Jubilee Certificates, celebrating 50 years' membership. W.M. Bro. Borland then presented Bro. McGeachie, Master, with a Barns o'Clyde Royal Arch Jubilee jewel, which would be placed in the Lodge museum.

Bro. John Morrow P.M., Treasurer, on 25th May, confirmed a total rates refund of £38,637.

Bro. Derek Smith P.M., Almoner, at our meeting of 8th June, reoprted on the passing of Bro. Bill Bannerman and reoprted on his funeral, attended by many 1018 Brethren, as well as Brethren from many other Lodges.

Our Summer meeting of July 2017 was unique in our history because Bro. David Cairns P.M., acting Director of Ceremonies, presented a Deputation from three Sister Constitutions headed by Worshipful Master Rob Gill, St. Patrick's Lodge 295 I.C. The Deputtion consisted of Brethren from the English, Irish and German Constitutions. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire, headed by Bro. James Forrest, P.G.M., then entered the Lodge. Bro. Forrest, after welcoming the mny visitors, asked Bro. Jim Dunbar Jr., P.M. Lodge Saint Patrick No. 1309, to report on the Brock Bowling Cup. Bro. Dunbar P.M. congratulated Bro. Gus McArthur and his team from the Barns on winning the competition. There followed a F.C. Degree by Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M., in front of 117 Brethren.

We visited adn conferred a F.C. Degree at Lodge Coltswood Gleboig, No. 1067, another first in our history.

In December 2017, Bros. Grant McGeachie R.W.I.M. and David Cairns R.W.I.M. installed Bro. Jim Somerville into the Chair.

On the 21st of that month, Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. delived a talk at Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No. 217 about our connection to St. Patrick's Lodge No 295 I.C.

Bro. John Muir P.M. visited the Lodge in September 2018 to receive a cheque for £200, the sum bid on a print donated by Bro. Philip Lardner P.M. Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405. Following various enterprizes, Bro. Muir P.M. and his team, raised the magnificent sum of over £11,500 for Soldiers Off The Streets, a cgarity aimed at housing homeless veterans.

)n the 29th of that month, the Lodge was well represented as Bro. Jim Somerville, Master, took part in the wreath laying ceremony for the fallen of the Great War.

We also welcomed a far travelled visitor, Bro. Colin Clark, a member of Holland Lodge No. 1, in Texas, who was warmly welcomed and made highly complimentary comments about his evening among us.

Bro. Nicolas Webster was initiated by a team from the Instruction Class, comprising Bros. Walter Graham W.J.W., John Macdonald and Duncan McLarty.

At the end of October, Bro. Graham Ward went into hospital to receive his knew hip and Bro. Jim Gardiner took over as R.W.M.M., the first time he had filled that Office in 23 years. Bros. Steven Brown and Nathan Ferguson were Advanced.

Our Installation of 13th December 2018 was a very busy night. Bros. Kenneth Currie R.W.I.M. and Andrew Clark R.W.I.M. installed Bro. Walter Graham into the Chair. This was Bro. Clark's first time as an Installing Master and all present agreed he turned in an exceptional performance. At the conclusion of the Installation, the new Master, Bro. Graham, presented Bro. Adam Hillis P.M. with his 50 year Diploma and, thereafter, presented Bros. Jackie McFeeters and Kenny Currie P.M. with Distinguished Service Diplomas for their many years contribution to the success of 1018.

On the 2nd February, the Lodge was very well represented at the funeral of V.W. Bro. Keith Green, W. Master of St. Patrick's Lodge No. 295, who died suddenly just weeks after taking the Chair of 295.

In April, the Barns had devastating news, when Bro. Graham Ward P.M., who had conferred the F.C. Degree at Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405 two days before, passed away on 7th April, aged only 59.

Following an appeal from Grand Lodge, the Barns donated £500 to local Lodges, as a result of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe.

That same month, Bro. Iain Yule reported on the inauguration of 1018 Brother Rev. Mark Johnstone as the new minister at Glasgow Cathedral.

Given the need in local areas, the Barns also donated several hundred pounds worth of foodstuffs to the food banks in Clydebank and Drumchapel, to be distributed to needy families.

1018 Brethren worked hard over the Summer on the refurbishment of the premises and the general redecoration of the Lodge. Bro. Bernie Chessell was thanked for all his work in the building and completion of the new dias.

On 12th December 2019, our Annual Installation, due to expected increased numbers, and with the permission of the Provincial Grand Master, was moved to the nearby Radnor Parish Church Halls. The Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Bro. Wm Ramsay McGhee and a Deputation of nine, the Provincial Grand Master, Bro. James Forrest and a Deputation of five, and twelve Reigning Masters were among an attendance who witnessed the Installation of Bro. John Macdonald as Master. The Ceremony was carried out in an exemplary fashion by R.W.I.M.s Bros Kenny Currie and Andrew Clark. On that day, we also added two new Honorary Members to our Roll, Bro. J. Euan Edment, Grand Secretary and Bo. Jim Bell, Grand Treasurer. Thereafter, a fine meal was served to almost 90 Brethren at our Temple.

Perhaps one of the most pleasing aspects of the position and history of 1018 is that, although many members left the Lodge to further their dreams in other countries, we have records that these Brethren did not abandon Freemasonry. Our members left for America, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Eire, England, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Malaya, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Wales - and in many cases affiliated to Lodges in their new homelands, or indeed in one case were an integral part in forming a Lodge.

The Lodge continues the Masonic principle of charity, donating annually to Kilpatrick School, St. Margaret's Hospice, Erskine Home and the Salvation Army as well as considering any individual claim we receive. We hold an annual Old Folk's Dinner and a Children's Party every December; and our Summer Barbeque is always well attended.

Local relationships continue, with near neighbours Lodges St. John Dalmuir No. 543, Clydebank No. 1234 and Cochno No. 1304 each having conferred over 50 Degrees for us and we, in turn, having visited them on many, many occasions.

Now, over 100 years since our formation, we see a different attitude towards Freemasonry. No longer do young lads follow the old routine of joining the Church, the Boys Brigade then the Masons. Attendances in this greatest of all institutions are dropping everywhere. Young men no longer seem to be interested in joining the Craft. Lodges, sadly, are closing due to low attendances and high running costs. From the Barns point of view, we are blessed in that we have our own Temple, we own the land it sits on and we are debt free. Our reputation for floor work is still as strong as it was when those first Brethren sought to create a high standard that the Lodge could be proud of. Our numbers, though smaller than the hundreds who attended in the beginning are dedicated Freemasons who we are sure will continue the good work of those Founder Members to whom we owe so much.


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