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In June 2000, Bro. Stuart Butcher, Master chaired the General Committee meeting when it was decided we look at extending the hall, and creating the extra room we needed. By September, the Committee learned that more meetings were to take place with Council representatives in our effort to purchase the land. By October, a formal offer was drafted by our solicitors. The price for the land and extension was to be £23,000 and this would be realised by the taking out of a new mortgage. One month later, in November, we had obtained the Council's agreement to sell the land. Thanks to an agreement for funding from The Royal Bank of Scotland, the Barns started the next chapter in our history.

Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. was invited by Lodge Dolphin No. 911 to reply to the toast to the visitors at that Lodge's Centenary Dinner on 2nd December 2000.

By 2001, Bro. Donald McPherson occupied the Chair of the Lodge and at the Meeting held on the 11th of that month another far travelled visitor, Bro. G. Cattle, Lodge of the Seven Seas No. 8603 E.C., was among those who complimented Bro. Grant McGeachie S.D. on his first conferring of the E.A. Degree, on Peter Kenna Ferrier. Bro. McPherson, Master announced his intention to present Bro. James Williamson R.W.P.G.M. with Honorary Membership of the Lodge. Sadly, Bro. Williamson died before the recognition could be granted.

By April, Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. was able to advise that the ground had been levelled in preparation for the extension.

At the request of Bro. McPherson, Master, Honorary Membership was given to a good friend of 1018, Bro. Charles Love P.M. Lodge St. George No. 333 on 11th October 2001.

In April 2002, Bro. S. Scobie P.M., a member of The Lodge of Trinity, Cambridge No. 5765 E.C., became the latest visitor to come from afar. He witnessed a fine Exemplification of the M.M. Degree by Lodge Carron No. 139, headed by their Master, Bro. Stuart Stirling. Our long standing friends from Carron were welcomed warmly by Bro. John Morrow, Master. In Bro. Morrow's year we visited Lodge Montifiore No. 753, Bro. Johnstone P.M. conferring a M.M. Degree.

In May 2002, Bro. Rev. Mark Edward Johnstone, initiated in the Barns in 1988, was appointed P.G. Jun. Chaplain.

Bro. Alastair Scott, Master, had a very pleasant task at the P.G.L. Visitation on 13th March 2003 when he spoke warmly of Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M.'s service to the Lodge since joining in November 1941. Bro. Morrow I.P.M. had researched what had happened locally, nationally and internationally on the day Bro. Johnstone joined and gave an interesting talk. Bro. Scott, Master together with Bro. John McCormack R.W.S.P.G.M. then presented Bro. Johnstone with his Distinguished Service Diploma.

Our newly completed Temple was ready. A second kit form bungalow had been purchased and added to expand our building. A new larger foyer was created, the kitchen, ladies and gents toilets increased in size and modernised and a stunning Committee Room and Museum designed. The work was finished in Bro. Alastair Scott's term as Master and Burgh Provost Alastair Macdonald officially opened the extension, watched by a large number of guests, including Bro. James A. Dunbar R.W.P.G.M.

Towards the end of his year, Bro. Scott, Master, performed another pleasant duty when, during the visitation from Lodge Moorpark No. 1263, he presented Bro. John Hutchison P.M. with his 50 year Jubilee Diploma. Bro. Hutchison had affiliated to and become Master of Lodge Prince of Wales No. 426. In that year, too, a Centenary Committee was formed in order that the Lodge constantly review our preparations.

In January 2004, just after the Installation of Bro. Grant McGeachie, the Lodge received the welcome news that the sale of the land was complete. The Lodge now owned the ground upon which the Temple had been built. Our future was secure.

On 25th March 2004, 1018 welcomed a Deputation from Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405, headed by their Master Bro. Philip Lardner. Among the Deputation was Bro. William Stewart Bodys Ferguson P.M. 1405. Bro. Ferguson, a member of the Barns since March 1954, who had affiliated to and been Master of 1405 in 1989, was then presented with his 50 year Jubileee Certificate by Bro. Grant McGeachie, Master.

Sad news reached us on 14th October 2004. The Lodge was informed of the untimely death of Bro. Jim Gribben P.M. Since joining in August 1962, Bro. Gribben had served the Lodge devotedly, including two terms as Master and many years as Secretary, as well as working many Degrees for the Barns.

Immediately after his Installation in his second term as Master on 9th December 2004, Bro. Grant McGeachie had the pleasant duty to present Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. with a Certificate in recognition of the 50th Anniversary since his Installation as R.W.M. In February, sadness touched the Lodge when we were told of the passing of Bro. Fraser Ian Batty, who had joined in 1993. Bro. Batty was a fine member of the Lodge, a quiet man but one who would perform any task required to assist the Masters he served under; and who filled various Offices with dedication. The Lodge also lost another Past Master, with the death of Bro. Tommy Cochrane, who had been Master in 1968.

One Regular Meeting was moved to Saturday 28th May 2005 by permission of P.G.L. The reason was the arrival of a Deputation from the Northern Alberta Veterans Degree Team from Canada. Bro. McGeachie, Master, welcomed W.M. Bro. Stan Mottershead who then led his Brethren in a wonderful Exemplification of the M.M. Degree. Suitable gifts were exchanged after the work and another fine chapter added to 1018 history.

It was decided in September that new regalia should be purchased for the forthcoming Centenary and fund raising began.

Another long serving Brother, Bro. George Seeth was presented with his Jubilee Certificate on 13th October to mark 50 years since his initiation. Bro. McGeachie, Master then conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. Alex Watson P.M. Lodge St. George No. 333.

With a lack of younger Office Bearers coming through, and progression to the Chair slowing, Bro. John Morrow P.M. became Master again in 2006. At once, more plans were made for the forthcoming Centenary celebrations. Due to the large numbers anticipated, it was decided it would be better to hold the Centenary Meeting in larger premises. Where better than the Morison Memorial Church, where it all began? Rev. David Pattie and his Church Session readily agreed to our request.

At our Meeting on 9th February 2006, the Lodge was given a Masonic Lecture on "Freemasonry in Canada" by Bro. William R. Reaney, Master Lodge St. George No. 503. Another instance of 1018 members seeking out Lodges wherever they go was reported on 23rd March when Bro. Alastair Scott P.M. informed the Lodge he had visited two Lodges while on holiday in Malta. Bro. Scott attended Logga Mikiel Anton Vassalli (formerly Leinster Lodge No. 387 I.C.) and Lodge St. Andrew No. 966 (S.C.).

On 27th April, Bro. Stuart Stirling, Master led a Deputation from Lodge Carron No. 139 to confer the F.C. Degree on Bro. James McKinnon Clark. Words of congratulation were expressed by Bro. Miller, Master Lodge Saint Conval No. 1359, Bro. McGeachie I.P.M. and a certain Bro. Jim Michie from Remembrance Lodge in Canada. Bro. Michie's journey to the Barns and the subsequent events which arose feature further on in our history. 1018 received more new visitors on 23rd February when Lodge Kelvin Partick No. 1207 carried out an E.A. Degree and on 11th May when Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166, led by Bro. W. Burgess came to Clydebank to confer the M.M. Degree, the team led by Bro. Robert Mair. Among the visitors who spoke was Bro. G. Keith, Master Lodge Cumberland Kilwinning No. 217.

Provincial Grand Lodge visited 1018 on the evening of 9th November to dedicate our new Regalia and Bible. The Deputation was headed by Bro. Thomas K. Leckenby D.P.G.M. Bro. Ian Easton P.G. Senior Chaplain and Bro. Rev. Mark Johnstone P.G. Junior Chaplain officiating.

No sooner had Bro. Morrow again been installed as Master in December 2006, when we heard that the Morison Memorial Church Halls had been extensively damaged, but permission was granted to use the Church for our Centenary Meeting. At our next meeting we were informed of the passing of Bro. John McKay P.M. and the continued illnesses of Bros Bill McMurtrie P.M., Bobby Dahl and Ian McPherson.

Our long awaited Centenary meeting took place in the Morison Memorial Church on Thursday 8th February 2007 and attended by our largest number of Brethren for many years, 140. When the Meeting opened and after the business part, Bro. David Cosh P.M. Director of Ceremonies introduced a Deputation from our sponsor Lodges The Athole Lodge No. 384 and Lodge Ellangowan No. 716, then a Deputation from the P.G.L. of Dunbartonshire, headed by Bro. Thomas K. Leckenby R.W.P.G.M., then a Deputation from Grand Lodge, headed by Bro. Kenneth D. Kennedy, Depute Grand Master Mason. The Barns' own Bro. Rev. Mark Edward Johnstone performed the Ceremony of Re-Dedication. After the close of the Meeting, the Brethren were taken by coaches back to our own Temple for a celebratory meal. Among the Brethren present was Bro. Fraser Watt P.M., who had travelled all the way back to Clydebank from his new home in Australia.

Two days later, 1018 held our Centenary Ball in Clydebank Town Hall, an event attended by 220 guests. Old Barns traditions were observed, including our Grand March; as well as new ideas to mark the event, specially labelled miniatures of whisky and an inscribed glass were given to every male attending, every lady at the Ball was presented with an orchid. A spectacular raffle was organised, with the top prize a holiday in Spain, and this raised £913. It is pleasing to note, that both the Ball and the Meeting two days earlier were attended by members of the Church.

Limited edition Centenary ties, etched glasses and commemorative jewels were produced to mark the occasion.

On 20th February Bro. Sammy McGeachie was given Honorary Membership of Lodge St. George No. 333 in recognition of years of attending as a visitor.

In March, we were advised that the Lodge had lost another Past Master, Bro. Hector McKenzie P.M. passing to the Grand Lodge Above. In April, we received two visitors, Bros E. and A. Munro, both members of Lodge Kenmuir No. 570, who presented to the Lodge the Certificates and Life Membership documents of their late father, Edward, who had joined 1018 on 10th October 1907.

An excess of funds raised for our Centenary celebrations was used as the flooring in the Hall was refurbished, and Bro. Jim Kilpatrick volunteered to repaint the interior of the main hall and foyer. Bro. Graham Ward repaired the electrics and a new Carpet and curtains were purchased.

The Lodge had sent copies of our Centenary Programme to every Lodge still in existence that had been chartered in the same year as 1018. In May, we received back a very complimentary letter from Lodge Britannia No. 1033 in Santiago, Chile. At that same Meeting, 50 year Jubilee Certificates were presented to blood brothers Bros. Duncan McGregor Rodgers and James Jeffrey Rodgers, who kindly presented a cheque to their Mother Lodge. Bro. W. Lundie, Master Lodge Glennifer No. 1219 presented to the Barns his late father's 1018 dress apron.

Bro. David Cosh P.M., on behalf of the Master, Bro. Morrow and Bros. Kenny Currie P.M. and Alastair Scott P.M., reported on their visit to Lodge St. John No. 1021 in Aberlour, another Lodge celebrating 100 years. In August, we had a reply from Lodge Blyde No. 1019, Transvaal, South Africa regarding their Centenary events. Bro. Morrow, Master, who was going to South Africa on holiday, was authorised to take a suitable gift to Lodge Blyde No. 1019.

In June, Lodge St Clair No. 427 of Cambusnethan visited and conferred the F.C. Degree.

On 11th October 2007, the Lodge made the long awaited trip to Canada at the invitation of Remembrance Lodge No. 586, Toronto. A stay of almost a week was arranged and we were booked into the Days Inn in central Toronto. Our Canadian Brethren and their ladies looked after us so well, and during out time we conferred exemplifications of the E.A. at Remembrance in the Don Valley Area (Bro. Grant. McGeachie P.M.), the F.C. Degree at King Hiram Lodge No. 566, Toronto West District (Bro. David Cosh P.M.) and the M.M. Degree at Hope Lodge No. 114 where we had worked almost thirty years before (Bro. Kenny Currie P.M.) The Canadians had arranged for us to be piped in, attendances at all three Meetings were up to and over the 200 mark and each evening was witnessed by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. For the first time in any of our memories standing ovations were given to the Degree team on each occasion. This trip has a special full length story elsewhere on this site.

On 13th December 2007, Bro John James Morrow P.M. was installed for the third consecutive year, only the second Brother ever to be granted this honour.

In January 2008, at our General Committee Meeting, it was suggested we proceed with the creation of a Lodge website. At our Regular meeting on 10th January, Bro. Grant McGeachie P.M., on behalf of the Lodge, conferred Honorary Membership on Bro. James McLaren of Lodge Ellangowan No. 716. Bro. Morrow, Master, congratulated Bro. Donald MacPherson P.M., who had been presented with his 50 year Jubilee Diploma by his Mother Lodge, Helensburgh No. 503.

An amazing discovery was made on 20th February 2008. As had been our recent custom, we had picked a Lodge at random to visit, and Bro. Morrow P.M. had again donated the use of a bus. We picked St. John No. 497 in Catrine, not realising there had been a connection many years beforehand. We were delighted to find an inscribed gong presented by 1018 to 497 on 26th October 1946. On that date, Lodge St. John had visited the Barns to confer a M.M. Degree on six F.C. Freemasons, and after the Ceremony, Honorary Membership was given to their Master Bro. Maxwell Stobbo. When we mentioned the item, their Secretary was good enough to produce the appropriate Minute Book and we looked with delight at the 70 names in our Deputation, including Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. and Bro. Frederick James McKelvie, father of Bro. Freddie McKelvie P.M., as well as the Barns o'Clyde Male Voice Choir. By way of celebrating this discovery, the Barns travelled to confer a Mark Ceremonial for St. John, the Mark Master was Bro. Donald Lawrie P.M. and St. John visited 1018 to confer a F.C. Degree.

On 13th March, Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. was warmly welcomed back into the Lodge, having been very ill for some considerable amount of time. At the same Meeting our stunning new Dias was dedicated by Bro. Ian Easton, P.G. Senior Chaplain, thereafter Honorary Membership was conferred on Bros. Thomas K. Leckenby R.W.P.G.M. and John F. Herrick I.P.P.G.M. by Bro. John Morrow, Master.

In June 2008, Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405 was welcomed back into the Lodge by Bro. Morrow, Master. Bro. Gordon Campbell, R.W.M. accepted the Mallet and Bro. Craig Reston P.M. led the Degree team in conferring a M.M. Degree on our Candidate, Bro. Allan Craig. By that summer, the Lodge had installed air conditioning at a cost of £7,500 and the difference noted by a grateful attendance.

April 2009's General Committee Meeting again recommended we produce a Lodge website. Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. asked to be given the task of producing the site. The Committee also spoke at length on the visit of some of our Brethren to Remembrance Lodge and it was agreed the Barns purchase and present a Bible for the Master of Remembrance, W. M. Craig Michie, the great grandson of one of our Founder Members, Bro. Andrew Michie. On the return of the six Brethren who represented 1018 in Canada, Bro. Grant McGeachie P.M. reported back to Bro. Cairns, Master on W. Bro. Michie's Installation.

In May, Lodge Saint Conval No. 1359 conferred an Exemplification of the M.M. Degree and became the newest Lodge to visit and confer in 1018.

The Barns history of visiting to make Masonic connections continues and, since 2008, Bros. Freddie McKelvie P.M. and Jim Gardiner P.M. travel monthly to Richmond in Yorkshire to visit St. Patrick’s Lodge No. 295 (Irish Constitution), a Regimental Lodge formed in 1758 by the 1st (Irish) Horse Regiment, now the Royal Dragoon Guards. The Lodge has the distinction of being one of only two Lodges in the world with a travelling Warrant. This was granted in order that they could hold meetings wherever they were stationed. Such is our bond with this Lodge that we attend each others' Installations, and 295 travel up every year to our Summer Meeting.

The Committee, stung by the terrible fire that had devastated the Masonic Temple in Ardrey Street, moved that the Lodge books be scanned onto computer files and reproduced on disks for safekeeping. The work was undertaken book by book as funds permitted and when complete, the Committee have agreed that boxed copies of the entire set be sold for Lodge funds to interested Brethren.

At our Summer Meeting on 23rd July 2009, Bro. David Cairns R.W.M. had the pleasant task of presenting Bro. Trevor Stewart with his 50 year Jubilee Diploma. Bro. Stewart P.M. of The Lodge Strathclyde is well known for his many years service in many Orders of Freemasonry, and among those present to congratulate him was the R.W.P.G.M., Bro. Thomas K. Leckenby. At the same Meeting, Bro. Andrew Mushet P.M. Lodge Galen No. 1285 was given Honorary Membership by Bro. Roddie Lawrie P.M., at Bro. Cairns' request. Bro. Cairns then conferred an Exemplification of the F.C. Degree and was congratulated on all his work that evening by Bro. J. Connolly, Master Lodge Galen.

87 Brethren attended on 8th October 2009 when Bro. David Cosh P.M. Director of Ceremonies presented to Bro. Cairns, Master, a Deputation from Remembrance Lodge No. 586, headed by Bro. Craig Michie, W.M. An Exemplification of the E.A. Degree was conferred by our Canadian friends who closed the Meeting with their usual rendition of John McCrae's moving poem "In Flanders Fields". After the Ceremony, Bro. Craig Michie W.M. and Bro. Jim Michie W.S.W. were made Honorary Members of the Barns. On their visit to Scotland, Remembrance also conferred Exemplifications of Degrees at Lodge Leven St. John No. 170 and Mother Kilwinning No. 0. To entertain the Canadians and their partners, 1018 took them on a bus run of central Scotland, and entertained the Brethren and their wives and girlfriends to a social evening in the Lodge on the Saturday, thus cementing a firm friendship. Bro. Jim Michie compiled a wonderful Power Point display of the visit and this can be viewed in the "Canada" section of this site.

On 12th December 2009, Bro. Graham Gordon Ward became Master. Sadly, in January, we heard of the death of W. Bro. Brian Keighley, P.M. of Hope Lodge No. 114. A donation was made by the Lodge in W. Bro. Keighley's name to the Sick Kids Foundation in Ontario.


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