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Throughout the 1980s and into the 90s the Lodge had a very successful Quiz Team, winning our own Quiz Trophy on several occasions, as well as trophies from The Athole Lodge and Lodges Cadder Argyle, Castlemilk, Craigends and Ellangowan. The pool of team members who played depending on availability were Bros. David Cairns, Jim Gardiner P.M., George Gordon, Andy Livingston, Eric Martin and Fraser Watt P.M.

In this decade, 1018 organised annual visits to Regular Meetings from the Brethren resident in the Erskine Home for Ex Servicemen. An annual Gentleman's Smoker was organised by Bro. Donald McPherson Jr., and over the years many thousands of pounds were donated to the Beatson Institute at the Western Infirmary.

Our annual inter visitation with Lodge Panmure No. 299 had two very important Brethren in attendance on 9th June 1990. Bro. George Butcher, Master welcomed Bro. Arthur McGough, Master of 299 and his Deputation. He also welcomed into the Barns Bro. W. Alan McWhannel R.W.P.G.M. and Bro. D. Scott P.G.M.D. of Forfarshire. In 1990 the Lodge received a pleasant surprise when a photograph of the original Office Bearers was found in Oban by a Mrs E. McCrone, who got in touch with the Barns. Bro. George Richardson made the trip up the West Coast and brought the photo back. It immediately took pride of place in the Lodge Museum.

In October 1990 the Lodge heard with regret that Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. had suffered a heart attack while on holiday in Spain. It would be three weeks before he was allowed to fly home. At the next Meeting, the Lodge was informed that P.M. Bro. Alex Leach had passed away.

On 13th December 1990, circumstances again dictated that a Past Master occupy the Chair of the Lodge. By unanimous choice, Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. was chosen. Bro. Johnstone P.M. had first been Master of 1018 in 1955, a mere 35 years earlier.

In January 1991, P.M. Bro. McMurtrie was back among the Brethren and immediately putting his energies into the refurbishing of the Lodge, making an inventory of repairs and making an appeal for tradesmen among the Brethren. The following month, Bro. Fraser Watt P.M. Treasurer informed the Lodge that following his appeal against the tax bill of £1750, we had now received a reduced bill of £22.25. Bro. Watt P.M. further showed his ability in the duties of his Office by reclaiming £115 in overpaid Corporation Tax.

A healthy debate took place in the summer of 1991. It was noted that our Master's Chain, which comprises linked shields on which the name of every Master and his year of Office had only one space left. A re-designed Chain with an addition row of linked shields was agreed to.

The Lodge was host to a wide range of visitors on 8th August 1991 when Bro. Ian Francis Sandy was initiated by Bro. George Gordon W.S.W. Bro. Johnstone, Master welcomed Bro. C. Brotherton Master Lodge Mother Kilwinning No. 0, Bro. W. Hood Master Lodge St Clement No. 202, Bro. John McQueen Master Lodge Cochno No. 1304, Bro. K. Henderson P.M. Solent Engineers' Lodge No. 8338 E.C. (Hampshire), Bro. W. Penman P.M. Lodge Riddrie No. 1340 and Bro. Thomson P.M. Lodge Centenary, Natal, South Africa No. 1328.

In 1991 too, in order to get our ritual work back to the expected standard Bro. Ken Currie P.M. was appointed Instruction Master and it was agreed we meet on Monday evenings each week to rehearse floor work.

A free monthly Lodge newspaper was started by Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. Secretary. It was titled The Chequered Page, featuring articles and photos on the Barns, our members and our news. The paper was filled with contributions on Freemasonry from all over the world, and ran for two years before lack of contributions made it impossible to keep going.

On 12th December 1991 Bro. George Alexander Gordon was installed as Master. The usual first duties of a new Master in the Barns are to present the Mallet to the senior Provincial Grand Lodge Office Bearer present and to invest his own I.P.M. Bro. Gordon, Master had a third duty on that evening, to present a 50 year Jubilee Certificate to Bro. Andrew Davidson. In February 1992, Bro. Gordon, Master requested that the Tyler, Bro. Willie Macdonald be admitted. Bro. Gordon, R.W.M. then presented 50 year Jubilee Certificates to Bro. Macdonald and Bro. Alexander Johnstone P.M. At the next Meeting Honorary Membership was conferred on a good friend of the Lodge Bro. Jimmy Japp P.M. Lodge Moorpark No. 1263 by Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M.

In October 1992, after much research the Lodge agreed to have Victoria Regalia in Edinburgh add a third row to the Master's Chain at a cost of £750.00. In December, just after the Installation of Bro. John McKay as Master, the Lodge noted with sorrow the passing of Bro. Newton Miller Stewart P.P.G.M. In January 1993, at our Regular Meeting words of congratulation were expressed to the Degree worker Bro. Daniel Mulherron by Bro. James A. Dryburgh, Master Lodge St. Vincent, Sandyford No. 553, whose grandfather was one of the Barns first members. The candidate that evening was Bro. Andy Livingston.

In February the Lodge lost another stalwart when Bro. Jack Bellingham passed away, Bro. Johnstone P.M. described him as "a perfect example to any Brother". John Andrew McGill Bellingham was initiated into 1018 on 31st January 1942 and was a faithful worker for his Mother Lodge before moving across the water and affiliating to Lodge St. Barchan No. 156, although continuing to visit the Barns on a regular basis.

At our Meeting on 25th March 1993 Bro. Johnstone displayed a 225th Anniversary Jewel presented to him by Lodge Carron No. 139. Bro. Johnstone P.M. donated it to the Lodge for a place in our museum. At the same Meeting Bro. George Butcher P.M. conferred the F.C. Degree on Bro. Andy Livingston. Two days later, walking home having visited his mother, Bro. Butcher fell in the street, the victim of a heart attack. Bro. Butcher P.M. had been a tireless worker for the Lodge and in other Orders, having been in the Chair in the Royal Arch, Ark Mariners and Cryptic Council and being a member of Preceptory and Conclave. A full tribute spoken in open Lodge by Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. was written into our Minute Book. In May, 1018 lost another P.M., Bro. Harry Ferrier, who had emigrated to South Africa.

7th November 1993 was the date of the next Lodge of Sorrow held by the Barns. Bro. John McKay, Master opened the Lodge, and welcomed a Deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire headed by Bro. James A. Dunbar, R.W.P.G.M. The memory of the following Past Masters was honoured: Bros. Harold Tait Butchart P.M., James Cassells P.M., Harold Reginald Craig P.M., Henry Ferrier P.M., Alexander Leitch P.M., James Sievewright P.M., Francis Cuthel Swanson P.M. and William Tivendale P.M.

Bro. Alex McDougall's term as Master had hardly started when it was announced on 27th January 1994 that the Lodge had lost three of our oldest members, Bros. Tom Barclay, Albert Roberton and Jim Thomson. The following month, the General Committee recommended we look at transferring out Minute Books onto computer disk. It was estimated the costs of typing these would mean two books per year could be done and the project would take perhaps 15 years. Although it was agreed this should be considered, it would be many years until the project began in earnest. An initial step was the re-binding of the Lodge Roll Book. This was paid for from profits from the Lodge Quiz Night. However, after six years of winning our own quiz, the team relinquished their grip on the trophy. Within the next few weeks, though, Bros. Cairns, Gardiner P.M. and Watt P.M. brought to the Lodge the trophies from the Quiz Nights at Lodges Cadder Argyle, Ellangowan and The Athole Lodge.

A very happy moment for Bro. McDougall, Master, came on 10th March 1994, when he presented, on behalf of the Lodge, a pocket watch and certificate to Bro. John MacAulay McKay P.M.to celebrate his 60 years as a member of 1018.

In 1994, on 12th May, The Lodge Strathclyde No. 1626 visited the Barns to confer an Exemplification of the M.M. Degree before 43 Brethren.

Bro. McMurtrie P.M. presented plans for an extension to the Lodge. Costs were in the region of £18,000. Bro. Fraser Watt P.M. Treasurer agreed to meet the bank manager to discuss funding.

At the first Meeting after his initiation, Bro. David John Cairns, Master had his I.P.M. Bro. Ronnie McFeeters confer Honorary Membership on the Master of The Lodge Strathclyde No. 1626, Bro. Richard Murray. At the same Meeting, thanks were given to Bro. Ken Currie P.M. who had hurriedly been drafted in as Installing Master at Lodge Dolphin No. 911 when Bro. Bill McMurtrie had been taken ill. In March Lodge Dolphin visited us for the first time to confer, and another relationship was started which survives to this day.

In December, Bro. Kenny Currie P.M. was invited to install the Office Bearers at Lodge Dolphin No. 911 by the Master Elect Bro. Stewart Jeffray.  Bro. Jim Woods, P.M. of Lodge Leven St. John No. 170 installed Bro. Jeffray. At the Festival of St. John, after the Installation, Bro. Tommy Blyth of 1018 was one of the singers who entertained the Brethren.

The Lodge had a massive fund raising drive to raise money for the Mount Blow School Rainbow Room for disabled children. The year long effort, led by Bro. John Morrow, eventually raised £9525.

In his year, Bro. Cairns, Master, had the pleasure of presenting 50 year Jubilee Certificates to Bros. Allan Brown, Willie Robb and George Warnock.

In June 1996, Bro. John McKay P.M. reported on his visit to Lodge Milton, Takapuna in New Zealand, continuing the Barns tradition of seeking out a Lodge to visit wherever we go. The following month Bro. George Miller P.M., Lodge Takapuna No. 202 revisited the Barns, his Mother Lodge, and presented the Lodge with a Centenary Jewel from the Grand Lodge of New Zealand, a copy of his Certificate of Merit from that Body and a copy of his 50 year Jubilee Certificate.

In the same way that we have always enjoyed visiting, we take a delight in the number of visitors we receive. At our Meeting of 25 July 1996, when Bro. Daniel Mulherron W.S.W. conferred the E.A. Degree on David George Alexander Smith, Bro. Cairns, Master welcomed Bro. ..... R.W.M. Lodge St. Thomas No. 40/ 201/ 306, Bro. Howard R.W.M. Lodge St. John Dalmuir No 543, Bro. Simmons R.W.M. Lodge Shalom No. 1600 and Bro. McLennan Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario and a P.M. of Lodge Scarborough No. 565.

In August 1996, the Lodge was saddened by the passing of one of our best loved Brethren. Bro. Willie McDonald, our Tyler for the past 26 years died. Bro. McDonald will ever be in the memory of every Brother, especially those who served as I.G., when they remember puffs of pipe smoke wafting through the spy-hole in the door.

Bro. J. McWilliam visited 1018 in January 1997 and extended Fraternal Greeting to new Master Bro. Daniel Mulherron from the Master and Brethren of Friendship Lodge No. 37, Fuengirola, Malaga in the Province of Andalucia, Spain. In March of that year, Bro. Richard Murray P.M. of The Lodge Strathclyde No. 1626 visited to thank Barns Past Masters Bros. Ken Currie and David Cosh for the part they played in the recent Past Masters' Degree held at 1626, Bro. Currie P.M. also organising the Brethren from the other Lodges into a team and amending all the different Rituals into one seamless Degree.

The General Committee of the Lodge displayed its forward thinking in 1997 when plans were laid to start fund raising for the Lodge's Centenary in 2007. It was estimated that we try to save £900 per year for the next ten years to cover anticipated expenses.

Bro. Mulherron, Master presented Bro. George Napier with his Jubilee Certificate in October 1997. One month later, the death of Bro. Robert Howie was intimated to the Lodge. Bro. Bob Howie, a man who had hardly missed a Meeting, had played a major part over many years in the building and maintaining of our new Temple.

On 11th December 1997, Bro. Roddie Lawrie was installed as Master. His elder brother Donald had been in the Chair in 1975. To mark the occasion, Lodge piper, Bro. Colin Lawrie - another brother - made (pipe tunes are "made", not "written") a stirring pipe tune, called "The Men o' The Barns" which has been played at every 1018 Installation since.

The matter of our Ground Rent was discussed in 1998 and it was agreed we approach the District Council again, as we felt the amount was excessive.

Bro. Lawrie, Master, during his term of Office welcome into 1018 many regular visitors including Bro. Jim Wood P.M. Lodge Leven St. John No. 170 and Bro. Jim Easton R.W.M. of Lodge Tower No. 1523 as well as new visitors ..... Master The Lodge of Dunblane No. 9, Bro. Scott Master Lodge Stranraer Kilwinning No. 209 and a Deputation from Lodge Thistle and Rose No. 169.

Recognition of a long and dedicated service to his Mother Lodge came on 21st January 1998 when Bro. Bill McMurtrie P.M. was made Honorary Provincial Grand Senior Warden by Bro. James A. Dunbar R.W.P.G.M.

Early in the term of Bro. Derek Smith as Master, the Lodge again approached the District Council with a view to buying the land on which our Temple stood. Meetings were arranged with our local Councillor. In February 1999, a letter was read from Bro. D. Lister, Hadrian Lodge No. 1970 E.C., in South Shields, intimating that his step-father, Bro. Harold Dyer Beattie, initiated into the Barns in April 1947, had passed away.

In May 1999, the Lodge was informed of the passing of another Past Master, Bro. Roy Muir P.M. We also received back Masonic items belonging to Bro. Tommy Porteus P.M. and Bro. Robert Porteus P.M. from the family. Among these were rings and Jewels relating to other Masonic Orders and these were passed to the respective Orders.

By the middle of the year, we were informed that our application to purchase the land had been refused. It was agreed that this matter be pursued and a meeting with the local M.P. was agreed to. A sad communication from our friends at Hope Lodge in Canada came in August 1999, informing us that their Lodge had lost their oldest member, Bro. E. G. Smith P.M. at the age of 99 years. The Lodge also debated in this year whether to hold Masonic lectures rather than Exemplifications of Degrees when a lack of Candidates arose.

Bro. David Bennett, initiated in 1962, who had taken a demit and joined Lodge Clydebank No. 1234, was made Master of that Lodge in 1998. On 9th September 1999, Bro. Bennett R.W.M. led 1234 to the Barns where his Lodge conferred an Exemplification of the F.C. Degree. At that Meeting, Bro. Smith, Master, took the opportunity to thank Bro. David Cosh P.M. of 1018 who had conferred the F.C. Degree at our recent visit to Lodge Knightswood No. 1445. Two weeks later, the Lodge held a lecture evening as there was no candidate, Bro. Gordon Campbell P.M. of Lodge Panmure No. 299 giving a fine talk on "Freemasonry at Sea". In October, a letter was read from Bro. G.R. Cooper, Acacia Lodge No. 430 in Toronto, Canada enclosing the Masonic effects of Bro. James Cummings, a member of the Barns who had emigrated.


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