Roll Of Honour

In this section you can see the names of the Lodge members lost in the time of war. Please click on a member's name to find out more information about them.

Roll No. Founder Member Event
321 Andrew Rankin WW1
503 John Murray WW1
531 William Johnston WW1
571 John Hutcheon Jr. WW1
627 Alexander Mair WW1
722 Murdoch Matheson WW1
754 Donald Hugh Grant WW1
805 Thomas Wilkie Loy Jr. WW1
818 John Sheppard Craig WW1
881 Thomas Hutcheon WW1
1713 John Tonner WW2
1971 Frederick Gibson WW2
2210 John McGregor Little WW2
2423 Leslie Murgatroyd WW2
2581 William Ingles Brown WW2
2041 James Cormack Henderson Air Raid
1869 Duncan Gardner Blitz
2313 Trevor Parry Roberts Blitz