Lodge Barns o'Clyde 1018 - An Illustrated History

The Lodge extends sincere thanks to Bro. Stephen Swan P.M. Glasgow Kilwinning Lodge No. 4, Bro. Allan Taylor P.M. Lodge Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7, Bro. William Menzies P.M. Lodge St. Mary Coltness No. 31, Bro. Peter Stanton P.M. Lodge St. Ninian's No. 66, Bro. James Barbour P.M. St. Mark's Lodge at Glasgow No. 102, Bro. Ed A'Hara P.M. The Union and Crown Lodge Glasgow No. 103, Bro. Ken MacLennan P.M. Lodge Carron No. 139, Bro. Hamish Blue P.M. Lodge Leven St. John No. 170, Bro. John McLaughlin P.M. Lodge Panmure No. 299, Bro. Douglas McGee P.M. Lodge Saint George No. 333, Bro. Edward Bledge P.M. Lodge Prince of Wales Renfrew No. 426, Bro. Gus Spark P.M. Lodge Glasgow at Glasgow 441, Bro. Duncan McIntosh Lodge St. George No. 503, Bro. Robert Neilson P.M. Lodge Maryhill No. 510, Bro. John Massie P.M. Lodge St. John Whiteinch No. 683, Bro. John Clydesdale P.M. Lodge Whifflet St. John No. 963, Bro. Stephen Wright P.M. Lodge Oatlands No. 1005, Bro. Robert Boyd P.M. and Bro. Alan Graham P.M. Lodge Craigends No.1042, Bro. Bernie Higgins P.M. Lodge Clydebank No. 1234, Bro. Bob Barraclough P.M. Lodge St. Skae of Ferryden No. 1252, Bro. George Ewart P.M. Lodge Moorpark No. 1263, Bro. Eddie Williams P.M. Lodge Cochno No. 1304, Bro. Donald Robertson P.M. and Bro. David Smith P.M. Lodge Inchinnan No. 1405, Bro. Stewart Brown P.M. Lodge Tower No. 1523, Bro. Ifor R. Griffiths P.M. and Bro. Albert Axeford P.M. Macartney Lodge No. 3283 E.C., Bro. David Leigh P.M. The Lodge of Trinity, Cambridge No. 5765 E.C., W. Bro. Ian Alexander P.M. The Lodge of St Andrew No. 4056 E.C., W. Bro. Jim Michie Remembrance Lodge No. 586 Toronto, Ontario, Bro. Jim Spikin P.M. Lodge Clyde Whyalla No. 224, Australia, Bro. John Rawlinson, P.G.J.W., Grand Secretary, United Grand Lodge of Queensland, Bro. Ian Miller P.M. Lodge Takapuna No. 202, New Zealand, Bro. Rick Crow P.M. and Bro. Bill Newsted, P.M. Lodge Wood County, Ohio No. 112, United States, R.W. Bro. Fred Waldron, D.D.G.M. The Masonic Kilties of New Jersey, Bro. Robert L.D. Cooper, Curator, Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum and Library, Bro. Peter Aitkenhead, Grand Lodge Library and Museum, United Grand Lodge of England, R.W. Bro. D. Barry Lyons, Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Ireland, Janet Atheron (Administration) Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory, Jeroen Roskam, Webmaster, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Kay Smith, The Burial and Cremation Administration Office, West Dunbartonshire Council, Jocelyn Morgan, and to the staff of Clydebank Library Reference Department and Clydebank Library Heritage Centre for their time and invaluable assistance; and thanks too, to our own Members for sharing their memories.