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  • "It is a delight to have been asked to append my comments to this fine website, and I do so with pleasure. The information and attention to detail are what I would expect from the Barns - informing content and most interesting to peruse. The design is both pleasing to the eye and very easy to navigate - everything a site should be. With every good wish for the continued success of Lodge Barns o'Clyde."

    John R. McCormack P.G.M. of Dunbartonshire
  • "Great to see our new website up and running, looking forward to seeing the comments from our Guests and Visitors . Congratulations Barns O'Clyde 1018."

    Grant McGeachie P.M. 1018
  • "Fraternal greetings from the other side of the world. ...At last... what a great effort and what a wonderful website! For those of us who have our lives far away and our hearts still in 1018 it is great to have a connection back to the Barns. My congratulations to all who have been involved, and supportive, of this effort. Well done! "

    Fraser Watt PM
  • "I would congratulate all at No 1018 who have been involved in the production of this excellent web-site. It is a credit to Lodge Barn's O'Clyde No1018, the Province of Dunbartonshire and Freemasonry in general. "

    James A Dunbar P.P.G.M., P.M.1309, H.M.1018
  • "What a wonderful site, full of current information and history that we are all proud of."

    Roddy Lawrie P.M.
  • "I found it fascinating to read the comprehensive history of Barns o'Clyde and to see what was going on in the Lodge in my fathers time."

    Harry Jolly
  • "Well done to everyone involved in getting the website up and running. Great to look back on the history of 1018 and also to see so many familiar faces from more than 30 years ago. I even found myself in a couple of the photographs. - Special thanks to Kenny Currie for pointing me to the site. "

    Neil Walker
  • "Fraternal greetings from the W.M. his Wardens and the Brethren of St Patricks Lodge No.295 Irish Constitution. Thank you all for your continued support to our Lodge, it is always a pleasure to visit the Barns not only to witness the excellent degree work but the warmth and hospitality of your Brethren is second to none. We wish the Master Elect success during his term of office and best wishes to his Office Bearers. S&F W.Bro Brian Wilson St Patricks Lodge 295 I.C."

    W.Bro Brian Wilson
  • "The link to your wonderful website was sent to me by my good friend in Royal Order of Scotland and one of your members, Adam Hillis. This is one of the most interesting and well laid out masonic websites I have ever seen. Many congratulations to the authors and Webmaster. And what a vibrant Lodge you have. Wishing you many years of continued success. S&F. Tom Quinn. PM 636 (SC) and 3062 & 5865 (EC). "

    Tom Quinn
  • "Fraternal greetings from South Africa this site is EXCELLENT congratulations keep us all posted "

    Bro Robert Lawrence
  • "Congratulations on an excellent web page it makes very good reading and is very interesting keep up the good work. Yours Fraternally RWM Bro Davie McCallum, ALBA GU BRATH No 1802. IN THE DISTRICT GRAND LODGE OF CENTRAL SOUTH AFRICA PS From myself and the brethren of Lodge Alba Gu Brath, please pass on Christmas greetings and all the best for 2014 to you and all your brethren and their families. "

    Bro David McCallum
  • "It's good to see Barns O' Clyde on the www. My seconder into FM was a member, Bro William Anderson (deceased) also Bro Bob Butcher and Bro Adam Hillis whom I have known for over 30 years. May you go from strength to strength in the years ahead, 19th December 2013. "

    Bro Denis McColgan, Hon Sen Warden, DGL Central SA
  • "Looking forward to sitting once more in Lodge with the members of Lodge Barns O' Clyde 1018 S.C. on Thursday 24th of July 2014. We know that the floor work will be of an impeccable standard and the hospitality likewise. Yours aye VWBro Ian (Spike) Varty Secretary St Patricks Lodge 295 Irish Constitution "

    V.W. Bro. Ian 'Spike' Varty
  • "A very informative website, the history section was a personal bonus for myself as I was able to ascertain the dates of my uncles degrees over 60 years ago. I/'m sure I will spend further time in this site in the future, well done. John Muir MM 195, PM 1779"

    John Muir
  • "Attended the Lodge on the 23rd of October for the first time, although Barns o Clyde and 299 have a long history together! An excellent evening, will definitely be back!"

    John Murray
  • "I'm a PM of Richmond Lodge # 89 UGL of Victoria and hold the rank of PGJW. I understand that my Grandfather was a WM of Lodge Barns O'Clyde in the ealy 1900's before settling in New Zealand and subsequently Sydney Australia. I have a copy of the 1908 Lodge Barns O'Clyde Bye Laws along with a photo of my Grandfather when WM with is team of officers in Scotland."

    Ron Cameron
  • "Hello Brethern, I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine, who would like to purchase a penny from this lodge. He is a member of your Lodge and he has lost his original penny. His name is Alec Kennedy and he joined in 1962-3. Can you please send me some information on how he can go about purchasing another penny thank you."

    Samuel Lynn Barr
  • " It was my great pleasure to witness the MM Degree conferral the evening of 20 Feb. at Lodge Clydebank No. 1234. The work/ritual was of the highest standard I have observed in any jurisdiction.... within or without Scotland! I was pleased to present the current Right Worshipful Masters of Lodge No. 1234 and Lodge No. 1018 with a commemorative Wyoming Bucking Horse Masonic Lapel Badge on behalf of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Wyoming-Ill. Brother Richard Lewis. A brief history of the pin was tendered explaining it to be the symbol of the State of Wyoming and that it was patterned after a famous rodeo bucking horse named "Steamboat". The name being derived from the sound the horse made while breathing heavily in rodeo events...following the breaking of bones in the horse's nose and subsequent healing, when breathing heavily it had the sound of a riverboat whistle...hence Steamboat. Fraternal Greetings were extended to the assembled Scottish Brethren on behalf of the Wyoming Grand Master and Lodge Clydebank was thanked for their hospitality and courtesies. All in all...a lovely evening was shared by all present. "

    Bro. Robert Bocox PM/SE Capital Lodge No. 54-AF&AM
  • "Had a very interesting chat with Bro. Jim Gardiner P.M. at the Installation of the Master and Office Bearers of Lodge Panmure No.299 last night in Arbroath. Am currently trying to find out the names of the Brethren of Lodge Barns O' Clyde who I believe were founder members of my own Lodge St. Skae of Ferryden No. 1252 in 1921. Very impressed by the layout and content of your very informative website. May your Lodge aye prosper."

    Bob Barraclough P.M.
  • "Brought back memories of Clydebank. I served my apprenticeship in Singer 29 dept. Thank you for a great web page. "

    Bro. Douglas Thomson Lodge Cochno 1304, Lodge Centen
  • "Fraternal Greetings Brethren!!! Miss you all..."

    Ronel Manabat
  • "Congratulations on a great website it really looks the part. It would be a great honour to visit 1018 next time I travel back to Scotland. Fraternal greetings from the Worshipful Master,Officers and Brethren of Royal 28 lodge Antrim "

    Bro. Martin Chessell
  • "On behalf of the WM, Wardens and Officers and brethren of St Patricks Lodge 295 Irish Constitution, we would like to thank all of the members of Lodge Barns O' Clyde 1018 S.C. for their warm welcome and hospitality on Saturday 30th of May. We all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and it was an honour to confer an exemplification of an Irish Master Masons degree within your lodge. It is safe to say that history was made that day and will abide in our memories for years to come. S&F Spike QS"

    V..W. Bro. Ian 'Spike' Varty.
  • "What a wonderful website! I have learnt so much about the history of my paternal grandfather, Nathaniel Nisbet, and his association with the Lodge. I have a faded copy of the Formula of Consecration from Tuesday, 25th August, 1908. Does the Lodge still hold a copy of the photograph of him that appears in this document? Is he the person sitting in the middle of the front row in the photograph heading the section on "Masters"? He was also the Foundation W. M. in the Tullibardine Lodge in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia during 1913 and 1914."

    Jocelyn Morgan
  • "Interested to read the history of Barns o'Clyde, and especially that of your Founding RWM, Bro. Nathaniel Nisbet who was also the driving force behind the foundation of Lodge Tullibardine 1124 S.C. (now No 227, United Grand Lodge of Queensland), and also Founding RWM for the years 1913 and 1914. We are proud of our Scottish Craft Working, although we lost a number of offices when brought under the UGLQ in 1921. Our ritual has strong Glasgow origins and follows fairly closely that of Bro. D M Goudielock, but with some notable divergences. I suspect those variations may stem from the 1018 ritual or possibly that of Glasgow 441. Of Tullibardine\'s 17 founding Office-Bearers, 12 were from Glasgow lodges with 5 from Lodge Glasgow at Glasgow 441). Of the remaining five, only one came from an \"East\" Scotland lodge (Thistle 270). Six of our founding members were from 1018 with a further 6 from St John Dalmuir 543. I would like to obtain access to your ritual, if that is possible, to compare with ours and help me to firm up on our ritual origins. I am the historian for Tullibardine. Apart from my surname which has Cumbrian origins, my grandmother was from Carmunnock and Glasgow, so I feel right at home in a SCW lodge. I would welcome email contact. Fraternally, Bro Bob Thistlethwaite PM."

    Bro. Dr Robert Thistlethwaite
  • "Greetings from Niagara Lodge No. 2, some of you visited our lodge when I was Master in October 2007. I was very pleased to read about that trip to Canada. I am also a member of St. Andrew's Lodge No. 661, St Catharine and will become SW in January 2016. I hope to be in Glasgow about June 2, 2016. Perhaps I can repay your visit!"

    R.W. Bro. Ray Borland, PGReg
  • "Great EA degree by your team last night. PM Ian Wilson and his team delivered with skill,dignity,clarity, and compassion for the candidate well done!"

    Philip Carman
  • "With 12 of my fellow Brethren I shall be coming to Glasgow next Sunday, with the intention of visiting Plantation Lodge n°581 on Monday 9th May. Will there be anyone from your Lodge present? The reason I'm asking is that in our Province we have a Lodge (St Andrews) which carries the same number - 1018. In the visiting team is a Brother of this lodge who is keen to touch base with you. For info the visit is approved by GLoS and Glasgow Province is aware."

    Bruce Lindsay
  • "I had the great pleasure of witnessing you confer the Master Mason degree on two candidates of the Sons of the Soil. It was an absolutely faultless degree. Congratulations. RWM Lodge St John Bucksburn 795 "

    Brian Melvin
  • "Great website, thoroughly enjoyed reading through it, I'm looking forward to visiting your lodge soon, as a first time visitor, SMIB."

    Norman Jamieson
  • "Just came accross this website, very interesting. I was installed as Master of Lodge Barns O Clyde 1018 for the year 1978/1979. My Installing Masters were Bro A Johnstone PM (Dec ) and Bro K Currie PM whom I noticed was an Installing Master this year 2016/2017. I send fraternal greetings to the RWM and Brethren at 1018 and wish the Lodge all the best for 2017. Yours Fraternally John Fitzpatrick PM "

    John Fitzpatrick PM
  • "My Wife & I will be in Glasgow April 25 -27, I see you have a meeting on the 27th. May I attend to return your visit to my Lodge Niagara # 2 as you did in 2007? I am presently Master of St. Andrew's No.661. "

    R.W. Bro. Ray Borland, PGReg
  • "I have an old photograph of the office bearers of your Lodge dated 1907. As the photograph is large and deteriorating I have photographed it and am happy to email a copy. My great grandfather John Miller Richmond is in the photo. Please let me know if you would like a copy. Regards."

    Janine Heggie
  • "On behalf of everyone at Lodge Carron 139 can I thank your RWM Bro. Samuel McGeachie Jr, PM's OB's and all brethren for the absolutley brilliant evening on Thursday 13th April when I had the great honour of entering with a deputaion of 19 and conferring the MM degree on one of your candidates. I hope he remembers his raising as much as we enjoyed conferring it. The atmosphere before, during and after was one of the best I had witnessed since my journey began in Freemasonry. A wonderful evening where we met old friends and indeed met new alike. We look forward to seeing you at our 250th celebrations in September and indeed to receiving a deputation during my hopeful 2nd term as RWM. Fraternal greetings and all the best from your Brothers and friends at Lodge Carron 139. RWM Bro. Tam Meikle"

    Tam Meikle
  • "My fraternal visit to the lodge was arranged at the very last minute, but the welcome I received was extraordinary. All the Brethren and officers were very friendly and interesting to talk to on a range of subjects. The standard of the ritual was to a very high standard, but I've come to expect this from our Scottish brethren from previous visits in the province. What a fantastic night. Thank you very much for an unforgettable evening. "

    W.Bro Clive Rendell
  • "Thanks for the welcome into your Lodge room tonight, brilliant degree by PM Jim Gardiner and his team, and the attendance was also exceptional. Thank you. Eddie Neilly W.S.W, Lodge Shettleston Saint John 128"

    Eddie Neilly
  • "Super webpage. Hope to see some of you at Grand Lodge, 26th October."

    Bro Alan Maitland pm 226, 1373. MM 58
  • "Wonderful site, Brethren. I especially enjoy the history and museum section. Thank you for your labors in keeping your lodge history alive! -Bro. Powers Historical Light Podcast"

    Alex Powers
  • "IMPRESSIVE!! Hope to visit one day. "

    Mike Shanahan
  • "The WM and Brethren of Dufferin Lodge AFAM No. 570, Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, wish the members of Barns o'Clyde a Happy New Year. Secretary, Keith Macdonald"

    R. W. Bro. Keith Macdonald
  • "Great web site my father William Milligan Robb was a MM and MMM of this lodge in the 1940 there is also another William Milligan Robb on your web page can you tell me if they were related, I myself am a PM of 2 Lodges in Belfast 264,544 . yours S&F John ROBB"

    John Robb
  • "An absolute stunning website, so easy to navigate, a living history, hope to visit your lodge in the near future and take in a meeting. Fraternal greetings from St Peter's Operative, No 284, Thurso"

    Doug Treasurer
  • "My grandfather, father & his twin brother were in Barns O'Clyde (Nelson) and my grandmother was Order of Eastern Star. I remember the Halloween parties I attended as a child and the dances where my dad taught me to do ballroom dancing,"

    Moira Kleissner
  • "First visit to your website, really impressed with your crisp, clean web pages with great content and up to date info. Really impressed. Walter Snedden P.M. 321"

    Walter Snedden
  • "To the RWM Jim Somerville, his Officers and Brethren of Barns o Clyde 1018 thank you for your hospitality on my short visit to Clydebank it was great to sit and visit my Fathers Lodge so Fraternal greetings from my Lodge Edenderry Masonic Lodge 544 Irish constitution and if any of the Brethren are in Belfast they would be made most welcome thank you all for a great night. S&F W Bro Iain Robb "

    Iain Robb
  • "Dear Sir & Brother, I was lead to your website while trying to find Barns o' Clyde RA Chapter - it's a first class site, congratulations. This is trivial but of interest: in cleaning out our cupboard recently we came across a Life Members card (to the Barns o' Clyde RA Chapter) dated 4 August 1938 for Comp Joshua Gourlay. How it came to be in our cupboard in Durban so many miles away is a mystery. I would be grateful if you could pass this bit of trivia on to a member of the RA Chapter which I presume meets in the same temple. Fraternal regards, Geoff Davis, Secretary Lodge Trafalgar 1009 "

    Geoffrey Davis
  • "Thanks for adding me to this excellent website....I enjoyed a great night in the company of your brethren last Friday and witnessed an outstanding degree. Look forward to visiting your lodge at the earliest opportunity....."

    PM Alex Craib RWM
  • "To the brothers of Lodge Barns O'Clyde My name is Alexander Kennedy and it is with sad heart that I send you this message, That Brother Alexander McClymont Kennedy, who joined your Lodge on March 14th 1966 has passed away on March 18th 2019. Brother Alexander Kennedy's service will be streamed on March 22nd 2019 at 6 P.M. Eastern daylight time. Thank you very much, Alex Kennedy"

    Alex Kennedy
  • "On behalf of Bro.John Carmichael(candidate) and myself, may I offer our congratulations on an excellent evening's work in conferring the at Eaglesham on Wednesday 24th May. We both will visit your lodge in the near future and carry on the conversation regarding Clydebank etc. Regards,Jim Stephen."

    Jim Stephen PM.592. Aff.127.
  • "Hello, I am the great granddaughter of Archibald McAllister. Browsing through your very interesting history section, I discovered that Archibald Mcallister had been awarded the honour of Grand Marshal in 1944 in recognition of his 37 years as Treasurer. As you can imagine, I am very proud of my roots. I also know my own grandfather James and a band of brothers were also members of Barns O'Clyde. I would be most grateful if you could send me any other information you may have about the McAllister family of that time. Addresses, spouses names etc, so I can proceed with my family tree, thanking you in anticipation. Adrianne Elizabeth nee: McAllister "

    Adrianne Elizabeth Shirley
  • "I have been going through papers left by my grandfather, George Bennett. He passed many years ago. Some of them contain references to his being a member of Barns O Clyde and I was quite curious and am very happy to find this information here. I am excited to read more about this. He passed in 1957 and I wish I had been able to get to know him. Looking forward to reading more. "

    laurie j bennett
  • "Very happy to open the ties of friendship with the best brothers in the world ... I hope I will soon visit and that you will also visit us here ... S.M.I.B. George Herbst P.M. James Anderson Lodge, Brazil."

    george herbst
  • "Bro secretary . Above is email that should work for me. Hope all brethren are safe and see you all soon. Bro Nicholas Webster..."

    Nicholas Webster
  • "Fraternal greetings from Remembrance Lodge 586."

    Ben San Juan - Remembrance Lodge No. 586, G.R.C.
  • "fantastic website, very informative and easy to navigate "

    Norman Jamieson
  • "What a delight to read through the wonderful history of the Barns. I am currently building up some history and collating some artifacts for Lodge St John Catrine No 497 and looking for the detailed information when the gong presented by 1018 and still in regular use today. It is my intention to have this story attached to our new mini museum within the lodge. Perhaps someone at 1018 could contact me "

    Jim Jamieson