Scottish Pilgrimage 2009

The Scottish Pilgrimage of Ontario Brothers - October 2009

On the evening of October 6th. 2009, 26 Masons representing 14 Lodges across Ontario, accompanied by family and friends, set out on what was to be an eventful and fascinating trip to Scotland - the claimed fount of modern speculative Masonry, and home to the legendary Rosslyn Chapel. The Ontario Brethren's visit was hosted by Lodge #1018 Barns o'Clyde of Clydebank.

This remarkable story began more than two years ago when, on a visit to search out their Masonic roots, the father and son masons Jim and Craig Michie of Remembrance Lodge #586 , made contact with the Barns where the father and grand-father of Jim and Craig respectively had been an active member in the mid 1900's. Indeed, on further researching the Lodge history the father and son team were thrilled to discover that Craig's great- grandfather was a founder member of Barns o'Clyde Lodge! This family tree of Masonic service in Scotland and Canada now stretching through five generations (so far discovered) is a source of great pride to Jim and Craig.

Since that initial visit by the Michie brothers, the ties between the Lodge #1018 Barns o'Clyde and Remembrance Lodge #586 (and indeed between Scottish and Canadian Brethren in general) have grown ever stronger, resulting in wonderfully successful visits by Lodge Barns o'Clyde #1018 to Canada in 2007 and by our Canadian Brethren to Scotland in 2009 of which visit this epistle seeks to recount some of the memorable and inspiring moments and events.

In addition to exemplifying a First Degree at Barns o'Clyde #1018 Lodge, a Second Degree at Leven St John's Lodge #170 in Renton and a Third Degree at Mother Kilwinning #0 Lodge, Kilwinning the group visited the Grand Lodge of Scotland and Museum, Kilwinning Lodge #1, Canongate and Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh.

Many lasting fraternal friendships were made and we all feel sure that this story will have many more chapters as the years roll on.

Back on 27th April 2006, during a visitation from Lodge Carron No. 139, father and son Brothers Jim and Craig Michie, members of Remembrance Lodge No. 586 visited Lodge Barns o'Clyde to see the Mother Lodge of Jim's father, James Michie and Grandfather Andrew. Among the Lodge books examined was an alphabetical Roll Book created many years ago by the then Secretary, Brother Jim Gardiner Past Master. After some research it was established that James had joined in 1946, roll No 2899 and that Andrew, roll No 56, had been a founder member, back in 1907. With them on the trip was Brother Mark Cunningham, a good friend of Craig, and a fellow member of Remembrance Lodge. After speaking at the meeting, the Canadian visitors enjoyed the hospitality of the Barns. Little did we think we would meet again, but when contact was re-established, our Master and Secretary worked hard to organise the trip.

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Author: W.Bro. Jim Michie


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